How is Ha’s life affected by where and when she is living?


Answer 1

The way in which Ha's life in influenced by the place and time she puts up there would be:

Ha's life

  • The time when she puts up there is the period of the Vietnam War which adds to her challenges and struggles in life.
  • These daily battles hint towards various significant historical events.
  • The fear and emptiness of her life signals her physical and mental torn state and is clearly visible which was not there prior to the war.

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Answer 2


Ha's life is affected by where she is living because the Vietnam war was about to start and she lived in the year on 1975. For example on page 24 it states, " A Pilot for South Vietnam bombed the presidential palace downtown that afternoon


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I think mostly D. I hope this helped :)

Answer:   if i meet a kindergarten teacher, I'll ask for her opinion.

Explanation:   I took the test

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