It takes andre 4 minutes to swim 5 laps. At this rate heswims how many laps per minute.


Answer 1

Answer: It takes him 1 minute and 25 seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

5 divided 4

4 times 1 = 4


put the decimal and make 1=10                           Ans.: 1.25

4 times 2 = 8


put the 0 = 20

4 times 5 =20


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observe as seguintes situações e sua representação em linguagem matematica dois numeros x e y são tais 2x y=6 x-y=3



The value of x any y are "-5.29 and 0.79" and "3.79 and -2.29"

Step-by-step explanation:

Given values:

2xy =6.....(a)\n\nx-y= 3.....(b)\n\n

After solve equation (a) we get

\ equation: \n\n2xy= 6\n\nxy =(6)/(2) \n\nxy = 3.....(x)\n\n

After solve equation (b) we get

\ equation: \n\nx-y =3\n\nx= 3+y....(x1)\n

put the value of x in to equation (x)

(3+y)y = 3\n

y^2+3y-3=0\n\n\ compare \ the \ value \ with \ ay^2+by+c=0\na= 1\nb=3\nc=-3\n\ Formula: \ny= (-b\pm√(b^2-4ac))/(2a)\ny= (-3\pm √(9+12))/(2)\ny= (-3\pm √(21))/(2)\n

The value of y is = -5.29 and 0.79, put the value of y in x1 equation so, we get: 3.79 and -2.29

What is the domain of the function f (x) = StartFraction x + 1 Over x squared minus 6 x + 8 EndFraction?



D Edg

Step-by-step explanation:

all real numbers except 2 and 4

Answer: (-∞, 2)∪(2, 3]∪(4, ∞)

Step-by-step explanation:

Domain is the allowed x values in the function. The numerator, x + 1 will be defined for all numbers. But that fraction wont be, the minute that fractions denominator is equal to zero, your entire function becomes undefined.

So lets figure out what number will make this undefined. Then we'll know the functions domain is everywhere but that x value.

Make x^2 - 6x + 8 = 0

What two numbers multiply to equal +8 but add to equal -6? Thats -4 and -2.

(x - 4)(x - 2) = 0 This means the function is undefined when x equals 4 and 2

(-∞, 2)∪(2, 3]∪(4, ∞)

(2x - y + 3) (2x - y - 3)using identities ​


Step-by-step explanation:





8. Willow earns $10 per hour working part-time at a diner. Write and solve an inequality to determinethe number of hours, h, Willow must work in a week in order to earn more than $200. Then interpret
the solution.
Willow must work
hours this week.


Multiply the number of hours worked (h) by earnings per hour $10 to get


This needs to be more than ( Greater than) 200

Now you have 10h > 200

Solve for h by dividing both sides by 10:

h >20

This means she needs to work more than 20 hours this week.




Step-by-step explanation:




A painter can finish painting a house in 3 hour




Step-by-step explanation:

A train travels 45 feet in 1/10 if a second. How far will it travel in 3.5 seconds


The distance covered by the train in 3.5 seconds will be 1575 feet.

What is speed?

The distance covered by the particle or the body in an hour is called speed. It is a scalar quantity. It is the ratio of distance to time.

We know that the speed formula

Speed = Distance/Time

A train travels 45 feet in 1/10 in a second.

Then the speed will be

Speed = 45 / (1/10)

Speed = 45 x 10

Speed = 450 feet per second

The distance covered by the train in 3.5 seconds will be

Distance = 450 x 3.5

Distance = 1575 feet

More about the speed link is given below.



1575 ft

Step-by-step explanation:

Convert 1/10 to decimal to make the math simpler.

1/10 = 0.1

Divide 3.5 by 0.1.

3.5/0.1 = 35

Multiply 35 by 45.

35 × 45 = 1575

The train will travel 1575 feet in 3.5 seconds.