1 Which expression is equivalent to 1/3y?• 1/3(y+12)-12


Answer 1


1/6y+1/6(y+12)- 2

Step-by-step explanation:

  • Distribute (1)/(6) through the parentheses :  (1)/(6)y +  (1)/(6)y + 2 - 2
  • Remove the opposites and calculate ( since two opposites add up to zero remove them from the expression) :  (1)/(6)y +  (1)/(6)y
  • Calculate the sum : (1)/(3) y

Solution : (1)/(3) y

Answer 2


The answer is 1/6y+1/6(y+12)-2

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SHOW WORK! PLEASE HELP ASAP IF YOU CAN :(A stack of index cards is 3/4 of an inch tall. If each card is 3/160 of an inch thick, how many index cards are in the stack?



so what you have to do first is simplify into variables

S=A 3/4 stack of index cards

C= 3/160

first you can do this with a calculator, divide 3/4 of an inch by 3/160 of an inch.


Here is my work shown :)

Male the division into multiplication and swap the numbers in 3/160 to 160/3

3/4 x 160/3

For fraction multiplication, multiply the numerators and then multiply the demoninators to get

3 x 160/4 x 3= 480/12

Divide 480 by 12 which is forty

there you go :) sorry if the answers are messed up and there are spelling errors. but in conclusion the answer is 40

By the way, awesome pfp, I just started watching Toilet Bound Hanako earlier tonight and it's very good so far

Factor 6q2 − 41q + 30



-2 1/2 x (-1 2/3) what is the answer for this question


Answer: 4 1/6

Step-by-step explanation:

Read the information in the box below.Last year during the hurricane season, the amount of rain that fell on the Texas Gulf Coast in October was 14 inches, which was 312times more than the rainfall during September of the same year. How much rain fell during the month of September?

Rebecca tried to solve the problem but made a mistake in her calculations. You must analyze Rebecca's work, identify the error, and then correctly solve the problem. Then, create a model to justify your thinking.
Rebecca's Math Calculations
Step 1: 14×312
Step 2: 141×72
Step 3: 982=49
Solution: In September, 49 inches of rain fell.

Be sure to –
Identify the error that the student made
Answer the question prompt
Create a pictorial model that represents the problem situation and justifies your identification of the error and its solution
Explain how the model justifies the identified error and how to correct it



4 inches

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that :

Amount of Rainfall in October = 14 inches

Amount of Rainfall in October = 3 1/2 times more than Rainfall during September

How much rain fell.during September :

The problem is a division problem ;

Since the amount of Rainfall in October is greater, then obtaining the amount of Rainfall in September requires dividing The amount of Rainfall in October by the number of times it is more than the September rainfall;

If multiplication is applied, then tbe value obtained will be greater than 14 inches. Which makes no sense since, the Rainfall in October is much greater than that in September.

14 inches ÷ 3 1/2

14 ÷ 7/2

14 * 2 / 7

= 28 / 7

= 4 inches

Hence, the amount of Rainfall in September is 4 inches



Step-by-step explanation:

If the absolute value of the correlation is approximately one, then the points lie close to a line that slopes upward or downward?



if it is positive then it goes upward and if negative it goes downward..so if it is approximately 1 then it will be constant or straight...

Which of these tables represents a function


Answer: choice D

Step-by-step explanation:

In order for something to be a function for every x input there must be exactly 1 y output. This means that if x is a number then y must always be 1 number and that 1 number only.