A profit margin of 10% indicates that: Multiple Choice for every $1 in net income, the company generates $0.10 in net sales. for every $1 in net income, the company generates $0.90 in net sales. for every $1 in net sales, the company generates $0.10 in net income. for every $1 in net sales, the company generates $0.90 in net income.


Answer 1


A profit margin of 10% indicates that:

for every $1 in net sales, the company generates $0.10 in net income.


Company B's profit margin measures the degree to which the company makes extra money after deducting the expenses from the sales revenue.  When expressed as a percentage, it indicates how many cents of profit has been generated for each dollar of sales.

Answer 2

Final answer:

A profit margin of 10% denotes that for every $1 in net sales, the company produces $0.10 in net income. It is calculated by dividing the net income by the net sales and multiplying the result by 100.


A profit margin of 10% indicates that for every $1 in net sales, the company generates $0.10 in net income. This is because the profit margin is calculated by dividing the net income by the net sales and then multiplying the result by 100 to get a percentage. In this case, a profit margin of 10% signifies that the company is able to generate 10 cents of profit from each dollar of sales.

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An investment of $1,000 produces a net cash inflow of $500 in the first year and $750 in the second year. What is the payback period? a.1.67 years b.0.50 year c.2.00 years d.1.20 years e.Cannot be determined.
Global strategic planning is a primary function of a company's managers, and the process of strategic planning provides a formal structure for undertaking this process. Companies are confronting a set of environmental forces that are increasingly complex, global, and subject to rapid change. In response, many international firms have found it necessary to institute formal global strategic planning to provide a means for top management to identify opportunities and threats from all over the world, formulate strategies to handle them, and stipulate how to finance and manage the implementation of these strategies? Drag the following stat ogic pianning steps into the ordor in which they typicaliy occur, from first to last.1. Quanbry goals 2. Formulatc strategic3. External analysis4. Set ojectives 5. Intemal Analysis 6. Tactical planning 7. Define busines
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You are the newly appointed sales manager of the Rock Record Company and have been charged with the task of increasing revenues. Your economics consultants have informed you that at present price and output levels, price elasticity of demand for your product is less than one. You should:
Case Description Tablets have become an ubiquitos part of our lives. The first models were launched in US in the year 2010. Sales data is available for the first seven years (See below). As part of your analysis on the outlook for this industry: a) How would you characterize the future for tablets? Are consumers crazy about this technology or are luke warm? b) Prepare a five year forecast for this industry; has the market reached its peak (please identify the demand peak). Please use the Bass Model Estimator provided. Use the spreadsheet tab called "Analysis Report" Please clearly provide market size assumptions and justifications. Year Annual Sales (Units Sold)2010 3,000,0002011 10,000,0002012 25,000,0002013 34,000,0002014 39,000,0002015 45,000,0002016 51,000,000

The government has the ability to influence the level of output in the short run using monetary and fiscal policy. There is some disagreement as to whether the government should attempt to stabilize the economy. Which of the following are arguments in favor of active stabilization policy by the government?a. Shifts in aggregate demand are often the result of waves of pessimism or optimism among consumers and businesses.
b. The current tax system acts as an automatic stabilizer.
c. Businesses make investment plans many month in advance.
d. The Fed can effectively respond to excessive pessimism by expanding the money supply and lowering interest rates.


I’m pretty sure it’s d
the answer is D. The Fed can effectively respond to excessive pessimism by expanding the money supply and lowering interest rates.

Describe the main differences for revenue spending between ""for profit"" companies and ""not for profit"" companies. Describe how the main financial documents of Goodwill are similar to those companies that are ""for profit"". Describe how the main financial documents of Goodwill are difference to those companies that are ""for profit"".


Answer with Explanation:

Requirement 1:

1. Profit Organization

The aim of profit organization is to maximize the wealth of shareholders by increasing its profits. The owners of the company get dividends and appreciation in the value as a return from the company.

2. Nonprofit Organization

The primary mission of Non-profit organization is to benefit the community by helping them and the earnings generation is not the primary goal of the company. ACCA is an entity that delivers quality education to its students and also earns profit on it but the profit margin kept is as low as possible to keep its operation running. Other examples are Rolex, NGO's, National Health Institutes, etc.

In other words, these institutes are for charitable purpose and their primary objective is not making profits.

Key Difference Between Profit Organization and Non-profit Organization​​​​​

  • A profit organization's primary objective is to maximize profits whereas the Non profit organizations work for delivering services and products that helps in uplifting the society from their donations.
  • A profit organization is registered as a sole proprietorship or partnership or a corporation. Whereas Non profit organization is registered as a charity club, association of person, trust, corporations, etc.
  • Usually major source of income of Non profit organization comes from donations, government and corporation grants, subscriptions, etc. Whereas the major source of profit organization is income generated from the sale of goods and services. Non profit organization - the major incomes are donation, grant, legacies, subscription, etc.

Requirement 2:

Profit making organization have to publish all financial statements which includes income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity, etc whereas the non profit organization only publishes balance sheet and cash flow statement. If the Non profit organization is involved in selling of products and services then the organization will also have to prepare income statement.

The non profit organization doesn't pays andy dividends as it is a charity firm and all it does is, it spends it money for the welfare of the community. Whereas the profit organization have to retain a share of earned profits and then distributes the remainder to shareholders.

The profit making organization publishes changes in equity statement whereas the charitable firm is not required to publish such things because its primary objective is to spend on the welfare of the community.

Unlike supportive leadership, participative leadership is used when _____. a. workers have an external locus of control b. the formal authority system is clear c. workers lack experience d. tasks are complex


Unlike supportive leadership, participativeleadership is used when the formal authority system is clear.

What is participative leadership?

Participative leadership is based on getting engagement and involvement of employees in the decision-making process. This style enables employees to feel motivated and belonged to the organization.

Therefore, this is usually incorporated in big organizations where there are more layers of hierarchy, which calls for collaboration of employees as all role and authority is clearly defined.

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Fox Co. sold used equipment for a cash amount equaling its carrying amount for both book and tax purposes. Later that year, Fox replaced the equipment by paying cash and signing a note payable for new equipment. The cash paid for the new equipment exceeded the cash received for the old equipment. How should these equipment transactions be reported in Fox's statement of cash flows? Group of answer choices



The correct answer is letter "B": Cash inflow equal to the cash received and a cash outflow equal to the cash paid.


The cash inflow equals to the amount of money received for the old equipment sold and cash outflow equivalent to the money paid for the brand new equipment. The note payable is not a cash outflow, and the cash outflow received should not be decreased.

Sherman Peterson is an attorney in Los Angeles. Peterson uses the direct write-off method to account for uncollectible receivables.At January 31, 2014, Peterson’s accounts receivable totaled $15,000. During February, he earned revenue of $18,000 on account and collected $19,000 on account. He also wrote off uncollectible receivables of $1,800 on February 28, 2014.Requirements
1.Use the direct write-off method to journalize Peterson’s write-off of the uncollectible receivables.
2.What is Peterson’s balance of Accounts Receivable at February 28, 2014?



1) Bad debt expense (Debit)           1,800

   Accounts receivable (Credit)      1,800

2) $12,200


1) Write off method of accounting directly credits accounts receivable instead of creating a provision for doubtful debt. Therefore following entry is recognized

Bad debt expense (Debit)             1,800

Accounts receivable (Credit)        1,800

2) Ledger balance of accounts receivable is $ 12,200 calculated as follows:

Opening Balance (31 January 2014)                15,000

Add: Sales on account during February         18,000

Less: Collection during February                    (19,000)                

Less: Written off                                                 (1,800)

Balance at 28 February 2014                        $12,200

ou believe that stock prices reflect all information that can be derived by examining market trading data such as the history of past stock prices, trading volume, or short interest, but you do not believe stock prices reflect all publicly available and inside information. You are a proponent of the ____________ form of the EMH.



If all the given description follows then:

You are a proponent of the WEAK form of the EMH.


Here, it has been given that:

I am believing that stock prices can reflect or show all the information about it which can be derived by examining the data related to it

i.e. The market trading data

This market trading data depicts the stock prices at the present and also the past values of all the stock prices. It also contains short interests, trading volume.

But i in this case doesn't think that its all correct as i think that the stock prices  will reflect all the information's publicly and all the information's related to it fro the inside.

So, If all the given description follows then:

You are a proponent of the WEAK form of the EMH.

Weak form of EMH:  The EMH weak form's depicts or supposes that the prices of the stock prices and their current values get reflected in full form.

Also allows to present all the security information of it.

It consists of all the present and current data and also the data related to the volume which have no connection with the information in future direction of the prices of security.

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Darwin is a 60-year-old software engineer for Compuswerve, Inc. Recently, the company went through a reorganization process meant to revamp the business and the work it does. The directors want to rework the company as a fresh, hip business with cutting-edge knowledge from young, creative-minded employees. Obviously, Darwin doesn’t fit into the directors’ vision, so the managers wish to replace him. Sure enough, a few weeks later Compuswerve hires some new employees, and Darwin is offered a severance plan and dismissed.1. Which of the following, if true, would legally support the company’s decision to fire and replace Darwin? Check all that apply.a. if the company had fewer than 20 employeesb. if Darwin needed a reasonable accommodation to perform his job due to a disabilityc. if Darwin planned to retire in less than five yearsd. if Darwin was unable to perform the essential functions of his jobe. if Darwin had another job offer elsewheref. if the company was a private (non-governmental) organizationg. if there were more highly skilled workers in the organization who could take his place2. Which law prevents employees like Darwin from discrimination in employment?a. ADEAb. Title VIIc. Affirmative actiond. ADA3. Are the company’s actions permissible, considering its mission and vision?a. No, because Darwin was treated less favorably than younger employees based solely on his age.b. Yes, because age is not a protected class in employment law.c. No, because Darwin was not given compensation or allowed adequate time to find another job.d. Yes, because the company is private and therefore has the right to hire or fire whomever they want to.