Allison buys a spool of thread for sewing. There are 10 yards of thread on the spool. She uses 9 meters. How much thread is left on thespool in meters? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth, if necessary.


Answer 1

The amount of meters left is  0.144 meters

First and foremost, it should be noted that: 1 yard = 0.9144 meter

Therefore, 10 yards to meters will be:

= 0.9144 × 10

= 9.144 meters

Since Allison uses 9 meters, the amount of thread that is left on the

spool will be:

= 9.144 meters - 9 meters

= 0.144 meters

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Answer 2
Answer: there are 9.144 meters in 10 yards, therefore, there would be .144 meters left of thread.

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Answer: it will take 5 years.

Step-by-step explanation:

Assuming it is simple interest, we would apply the formula for determining simple interest is expressed as

I = PRT/100


I represents interest paid on the amount of money deposited.

P represents the principal or amount of money deposited.

R represents interest rate on the deposit.

T represents the duration of the deposit in years.

From the information given,

P = $1500

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If you have to points you can graph the line, we only have the point (0,6).

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What it doooooooooooooo

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The expression which is equivalent to

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Option A

The formula for multiplying exponents are such below.

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If you get this you are a critical thinker.I enter the garden.
There are 34 people.
You kill 30.
How many people are in the garden.
Good luck!
If you get it correct your answer will be deleted and l will message you to continue the game.
Don't play if you are not going to continue party poopers!
I won against Lisa Swensrud​


The problem involves the use of logic and creative thinking. The number of people in the garden is 35.


n = 34

When you enter the garden, the number of people increases by 1

n+1 = 34+1

n+1 = 35

So, the number of people in the garden is 35.

When 30 people are killed, there are still 35 people.

  • 30 dead people
  • 5 people alive

Hence, the number of people in the garden is 35.

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