Primary elections are a more common way to nominate presidential candidates than caucuses.True



Answer 1
Answer: this us True!

reason- it is trust me

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Which reason best explains the development of US political parties during the 1790s?A-they were established by the constitution.B-Congress passed legislation creating them.C-they were the result of strong disagreements with the federal cabinet.D-The president issued an executive order.
Which famous American inventor established an “invention factory” at his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey?A: Guglielmo Marconi B: Henry bessemer C: Thomas Edison D: Charles William Siemens
How did the eighteenth amendment outlawing alcohol both reflect and deepen the cultural divisions?
How did the ancient egyptians apply their knowledge of astronomy A. They built the pyramids B. They developed a calendar C. They wrote medical text books D. They created a process for embalming.
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Which factor contributed to the rise of the Akkadian Empire?



The Akkadians and Assyrians came to Mesopotamia as foreign invaders. Both empires started because their rulers wanted to control more trade routes. Both Akkad and Asur were inland cities, far away from the ports of the eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.

19. This excerpt describes an encounter with the Bedouin tribe in the Middle East.Some years ago, in the Negev Desert, Bedouin tents were equipped with small antennas. The
were attached to battery-operated televisions, many of which were tuned to the American
prime-time soap opera Dallas. It was unclear at first just what nomadic
desert dwellers could have made over the backroom battles of J.R. or the plantation
sweetness of Miss Ellie,
even if the open plains of Texas could at times seem as arid as the surrounding desert.
-Edward Rothstein, "Connections; Why American Pop Culture Spreads," New York Times, Jura
2, 200
Which claim is BEST supported by this excerpt?


The excerpt describes an encounter with the Bedouin tribe in the Negev Desert. The Bedouin tents had small antennas attached to battery-operated televisions, many of which were tuned to the American soap opera Dallas. The author initially found it unclear why the nomadic desert dwellers would be interested in the show, considering their lifestyle and surroundings.

Based on this excerpt, a claim that can be supported is that the Bedouin tribe in the Negev Desert had access to and watched American television shows like Dallas. This is evident from the description of the tents equipped with small antennas and battery-operated televisions tuned to Dallas. The author's surprise at the Bedouin tribe's interest in the show further supports this claim.

It is important to note that the excerpt does not provide information on the extent of the tribe's interest or viewership of American television shows, apart from Dallas. Additionally, the excerpt does not provide information on the specific reasons why the Bedouin tribe was interested in American soap operas.

How did a religious tolerance across the muslim empires help increase interconnectedness in afro eurasia?????​



This allowed groups if varying religions to connect.


i really don’t know that’s hard

What was one result of the Cuban missile crisis?American and Soviet tensions increased dramatically.

President John F. Kennedy installed nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy.

Nikita Khrushchev was overthrown in a military coup.

A "hot line" was installed between Moscow and Washington, D.C.


The correct answer is, a “hot line” was installed between Washington and Moscow.

One result of the Cuban missile crises was that a hotline was installed between Washington and Moscow.

As a result of the Cuban missile crises, on August 30, 1963, the United States government and the Soviet Union installed a direct line to getting direct communication between President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Union’s Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The direct line was called “hotline”. The moment was critical because there was tension between the two countries that were on the brink of nuclear war due to the missiles crises in Cuba.  

One resultant of the Cuban missile crisis was that a “hotline" was installed between Moscow and Washington, D.C.

Further Explanations:

The “Cuban Missile Crisis” was a confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States on the deployment of “Ballistic Missiles” in Cuba. The settlement can also be considered as the demise of the Cold war and the beginning of the large scale nuclear war. The agreement was signed on 13th October 1962 that compelled the USSR to place nuclear missiles on the island to prevent future incursion and also initiated the establishment of numerous missile launch facilities.

As of result of the settlement, on 30th August 1963 government of both United States and Soviet Union instituted a direct line to get direct communication between chiefs of both the nations. President Nikita Khrushchev and John F Kennedy were conversed with a direct line known as “Hotline”. The circumstances were considered critical as the tension may lead to another nuclear war.

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What two houses make up parliament?


Where the American Congress has two houses called the House and the Senate, the Parliament has two houses which are called the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

In Common Sense, Paine suggested that American independence from Britain was- inevitable.
- impossible.
- uncertain.
- illegal



the right answer is inevitable.


Answer: impossible