Who was Katherine Harris​


Answer 1


Katherine Harris (born April 5, 1957) is an American politician, elected in 1998 as Secretary of State of Florida and in 2002 to the United States House of Representatives from Florida

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Which of the following did Thomas Edison invent?O A. Sewing machineO B. AutomobileO C. Electric lightbulb. D. Steam engine
All of the following are correct about the Treaty of Versailles except:a. it dismembered the German Empire in Europe into numerous independent states.b. many Germans viewed it as a 'Dictat', a dictated peace.c. the German army was limited to 100,000 men.d. Germany lost territory to France and Poland.e. it demanded that Germany accept guilt for causing World War I.
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- What was not true of the Great Depression?a. consumers were partially to blame over their spending & stock market habitsb. businesses were partially to blame due to their greedinessC. the government was partially to blame due to a lack of regulating the economy & businessd. banks were partially to blame due to their unwise lending practicese. none of these are untrue

A LOT OF POINTS!! As soon as possible, doesn't have to be done immediately. Voyages of Exploration

Create an explorers notebook.
In this lesson you learned about motivations for exploration as well as many European explorers who ventured out starting in the 1400s. Put that knowledge to use by creating an explorer's notebook. In this assignment, imagine that you are one of the explorers you learn about in this lesson and create a notebook for him.​


I, [Name of Explorer], have been chosen to venture on a voyage of exploration! My goal is to document my journey in the hopes of making new discoveries for my kingdom.

In my notebook I will record my discoveries, observations, and experiences. I will be open minded to any new perspectives I come across during my adventure. I will also note down any geographical features I find and map out new lands so that I can give back to my kingdom.

I will be mindful to remain strong and curious while on my expedition so I can come back with as much information as possible. I am filled with excitement, and I am ready for this daring exploration!

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Which of the following domestic situations did Obama inherit when he took over the US presidency? economic prosperity
economic recession
economic surplus


When Obama was elected president of the United States, he also inherited the economic slump as one of the domestic issues. Thus (B) is the right answer.

What is meant by economic prosperity?

The terms economic growth, security, and competitiveness are used to describe economic prosperity. Economic prosperity is significant because it is a crucial component of quality of life and because it is required for a nation to compete in the global economy.

According to the Institute for Economics & Peace's (IEP) 2019 Business and Peace Report, economic growth and peace frequently reinforce one another.

Greater economic success contributes to peacebuilding and vice versa. These components may combine to create a beneficial cycle. A vicious cycle arises when peace levels decline and economic prosperity is hampered. So, the economy and peace can be viewed as a system that can develop either positively or negatively.

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Answer: Economic recession.

The next one is war in Iraq.

One day six Tories paid Nancy a call and demanded a meal. She soon spread before them smoking venison, hole-cakes, and fresh honeycomb. Having stacked their arms, they seated themselves, and started to eat, when Nancy quick as a flash seized one of the guns, cocked it, and with a blazing oath declared she would blow out the brains of the first mortal that offered to rise or taste a mouthful! She sent one of her sons to inform the Whigs of her prisoners. Whether uncertain because of her cross-eyes which one she was aiming at, or transfixed by her ferocity, they remained quiet. The Whigs soon arrived and dealt with the Tories according to the rules of the time Milledgeville Southern Recorder, 1825

What facts are presented in this article? Check all that apply.

A the number of Tories who came to the cabin.

B the time of day this event took place.

C a list of exactly what Nancy cooked for a meal.

D a description of how Hart shot the two Tories.

E a description of how the troops reacted after Hart threatened them.


According to the passage from the Milledgeville Southern Recorder, the facts presented are options:

A) The number of Tories who came to the cabin.

C) A list of exactly what Nancy cooked for a meal.

E) A description of how the troops reacted after Nancy threatened them.

How are these the facts?

The passage mentions that six Tories paid Nancy a call and demanded a meal. This indicates the number of Tories who came to the cabin (fact A). The passage also mentions that Nancy spread before them smoking venison, hole-cakes, and fresh honeycomb, providing a list of what she cooked for a meal (fact C).

Finally, the passage describes how Nancy seizedone of the guns, cocked it, and threatened to shoot anyone who tried to rise or taste a mouthful. The troops remained quiet, suggesting a description of how the troops reacted after Nancy's threat (fact E). The passage doesn't provide information about the time of day or how Hart shot the two Tories, so facts B and D are not presented in the article.

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A. the number of Tories who came to the cabin

C. a list of exactly what Nancy cooked for a meal

E. a description of how the troops reacted after Hart threatened them


The European Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries relied on colonies for: Group of answer choices raw materials, cheap labor, and markets in the colonial territories. competition to drive innovation. cheaply produced goods manufactured in the colonies. cheap immigrant labor to work in European factories.



Raw materials, cheap labor, and markets in the colonial territories.


During the eighteenth century and part of the nineteenth century, European colonial powers like Britain, France and the Netherlands were practicing an economic model known as mercantilism. This model consisted in having colonies scattered around the world, with the goal fo extracting resources in order to enrich the mother country.

France for example, had many colonies in Africa, the Americas, and Asia, and used these colonies to cultivate cash crops like sugarcane, and extract natural resources like gold. Then, these raw materials were shipped to France, where some of them were transformed into manufactured goods that were sold back in the French colonies.

How did the French and Indian War help the patriots leaders​



The Patriots were very interested in having the British win this war so they could remain under British rule and continue with their familiar way of life.


The Patriots didn’t want France to win as this could have had a big effect on their life. George Washington served for the British in this war. He led some of the armies in battle.

Why was Istanbul the pride of the Ottomans? ​




The last Emperor died on the walls and the Patriarch, the head of the Byzantine Church, was taken captive. The city was renamed Istanbul and would become once again one of the world's most important cities, this time as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, with many of its churches being converted to mosques.


Istanbul was the pride of the Ottomans because it became a bustling city of more than a million people. At the heart of the city, it housed government offices and meeting places for imperial councils. The sultan’s residence also was located there, with its harem, gardens, pleasure pavilions, and a repository for the most sacred possessions of the empire.


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