Heather won 62 pieces of candy after bobbing apples at a Halloween party. She gave 4 pieces of candy to every student in her math class. She has six pieces of candy left. How many students are in Heather’s math class?


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:


56 divided by 4 = 14

Therefore, the answer is 14.

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Choose an integer from 1 to 2400 , what is the probabilty that the integer can not be divided by 6 and 8?




Step-by-step explanation:

The total number of integers from 1 to 2400  is 2400.

As understand we are looking for the numbers which can  be divided at least by one of the numbers 6 or 8. Lets call all integers which can be divided by 6 or by 8 " black" integers and others " white" integers.

For example 6 can be  divided by 6, however can not be divided by 8.  However it is divided by 6 so we have to  6 belongs to " black" untegers.

The number of integers which can be divided by 6 is

2400:6=400 (1st sheet of black integers)

The number of integers which can be divided by 8 is 2400:8=300 (2nd shhet of black numbers).

So total amount of " black" integers= 400+300=700.  However some of these integers can be divided both as by 6 as by 8.

These integers heve been included as to sheet 1 as to sheet 2. ANother words these integers have been included twice.  SO we have to find the

total number of such integers and deduct them from 700.

These are the integers as follows:





3*4*6=72 ...

So these is any integer from 1 to 2400 which can be divided by 12 but own 12.

The number of such integers is:


So the number of black integers is 700-199=501

That means that the number of white integers is 2400-501 = 1899

The required probability is P=1899/2400=633/800

PLZZZZ HELP!!!! 520 PTS!!!! BRAINLIEST!!!!Find the value of x to the nearest tenth A. 9 B. 5.7 C. 8.6 D. 26.3




Step by Step Explanation:

Complete the pattern 4,15,7,12,10,9 ? ? ? show me how you got your work


Given the pattern:
Every other term after the first term is increasing by 3. Thus continuing the pattern we shall have:
4, 15, 7, 12, 10, 9, 13, 11,16
thus the missing numbers will be:
Split this pattern into two sub-patterns.

We can see that odd position terms first, third, and fifth terms are increasing by 3.

We also can see that even position terms second, fourth, and sixth terms are decreasing by 3.

So the remaining term is seventh, eighth, and ninth terms. So from pattern above, seventh and ninth is continue after odd position term, so that would be 13 then 16.

eighth term is continue after even position term. That would be 6.

So then the remaining pattern would be 13, 6, 16.

What is the measure of angle D? Enter your answer as a decimal, round only your final answer to the nearest hundredth.


Answer: Angle D= 0.51 radians or 29.05°

Step-by-step explanation:

For this problem, we can use our trigonometry to find the measure of angle D.

Since this is a right triangle, we know we can use sine, cosine, and tangent. We are focusing on angle D, so we would see which trigonometric function best fits angle D. Looking at where 25 ft and 45 ft are labeled, we can use tangent. Tangent of opposite/adjacent. Now that we know this, we can set up an equation. Let's use θ in place for angle D.



Since we want to find θ, we would do inverse tangent.

θ= tan^-^1((5)/(9) )



This answer is in radians. In degrees, it is 29.05°.

In circle F what is the measure of arc CB?



Multiply by 2 to get that the measure of arc CB is 70.


measure of arc CB is 70°

Step-by-step explanation:

Draw segment FC.

Measure of arc CB = ∠CFB

∠CFB is complementary to ∠CFA

∠CFB = 180° - ∠CFA

Δ CFA is isosceles

∠ FAC = ∠ FCA = 35°

∠CFA +∠ FAC + ∠ FCA = 180°

∠CFA = 180° - 70°

∠CFB = 180° - (180° - 70°) = 70°

∴ Measure of arc CB is 70°

Choose the statement below that describes the relationship between a circles diameter and circumference. A. Circumference times diameter is always π. B. Diameter divided by circumference is always π. C. Circumference divided by diameter is always π. D. There is no relationship between circumference and diameter.​




Step-by-step explanation: