Solve and graph 8(p+3)>2(4p-1)


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Factors: (x²y+6)(y²-11)

Step-by-step explanation:

Here's the original equation.

x²y³ - 11x²y + 6y² - 66

Let's separate it into two groups to make it easier.

(x²y³ - 11x²y) + (6y² - 66)

Let's take a look at (x²y³ - 11x²y) first. Do we notice anything that can be removed from the parentheses?

Yes, x²y can be taken from both polynomials to simplify the contents of the parentheses.

Both polynomials have x² and both have at least one y. Combine that to get x²y. That means that within the parentheses y² and - 11 will be left.

So  (x²y³ - 11x²y) becomes x²y (y²-11)

This works because if we multiply x²y * (y² - 11) we get (x²y³ - 11x²)

Let's apply this same idea to (6y² - 66).

6 is the only thing in common between the two polynomials.

If we follow the same steps we get 6 (y²-11).

Notice how when we simplified both groups they each had something on the outside and (y² - 11) in the parentheses?

So lets combine the things that were on the outside of both (y² - 11).

What was on the outside of each? x²y was on the outside for the first one, and 6 for the outside of the second one.

This means that if we combine everything and simplify, the factors we have are (x²y+6)(y²-11).

If you want to confirm, work your way backwards using the distributive property. You'll find that when you multiply (x²y+6) * (y² -11) you'll get = x²y³ - 11x²y + 6y² - 66. That was the original equation, so we know that these are the factors.

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What is c in c/4 = - 9/8 ?



c = -9/2

Step-by-step explanation:

Which of the following inequalities matches the graph? 100 point



Which of the following inequalities matches the graph?


Looking at the graph the y values does not change, it stays at zero

The shaded area are the numbers under O

This means the answer is y ≤ 0

The answer is y ≤ 0

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Which of the following statements best describes adjacent angles


The statement that best describes adjacent angles is that adjacent angles share a side.

What is a vertex ?

A vertex is where two non parallel lines meet.For example a triangle has 3 vertex.We can also say that vertex is a point where two non parallel lines meet to form an angle.

According to the given question the best description of adjacent angle is that they share a side.

We can say that adjacent angles are those angles which are placed next to each other.

Adjacent angle also share a common vertex but they do not overlap each other.

learn more about vertex here :



The correct answer to this would be D, adjacent angles share a side.

Step-by-step explanation:

Adjacent angles share a common side as well as a common vertex.

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PLEASE HELP!Suppose there is a strong positive correlation between mand n. Which of the
following must be true?
A. An increase in m causes n to increase.
B. When m increases, n tends to decrease.
C. When m increases, n tends to increase.
D. An increase in m causes n to decrease.



A an increase in m cause n to increase

Step-by-step explanation:

a positive correlation means they will travel in the same direction when one is affected.


Option A: An increase in m causes n to increase.

Step-by-step explanation:

A Positive correlation is a relationship between two variables in which both variables move with the same ratio. A positive correlation exists when one variable increases as the other variable increases, or vice-versa.

A perfect positive correlation means that both variables move by the exact same percentage.

Therefore, if there is a strong positive correlation between m and n then  V increases and, w tends to increase.


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Step-by-step explanation:

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