Mai has recently created her own e-mail account. Her father gave her permission to e-mail her friends and family but warned her that it is dangerous to open e-mails from people she does not know. Mai did not understand why her father would give her this warning. Why did Mai’s father say it is dangerous to open e-mails from unknown senders? Check all that apply. The sender could be a hacker. The e-mail could be inappropriate. The e-mails usually contain jokes. The e-mail may belong to someone else The message may contain a virus.


Answer 1



Because I just took the quiz

Answer 2


I think the last 1 or the 2nd one

Explanation:sorry if im wrong TwT

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Write a method called allDigitsOdd that returns whether every digit of a positive integer is odd. Return true if the number consists entirely of odd digits (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and false if any of its digits are even (0, 2, 4, 6, 8). For example, the call allDigitsOdd(135319) returns true but allDigitsOdd(9145293) returns false.
Consider the following functions: (4) int hidden(int num1, int num2) { if (num1 > 20) num1 = num2 / 10; else if (num2 > 20) num2 = num1 / 20; else return num1 - num2; return num1 * num2; } int compute(int one, int two) { int secret = one; for (int i = one + 1; i <= two % 2; i++) secret = secret + i * i; return secret; } What is the output of each of the following program segments? a. cout << hidden(15, 10) << endl; b. cout << compute(3, 9) << endl; c. cout << hidden(30, 20) << " " << compute(10, hidden(30, 20)) << endl; d. x = 2; y = 8; cout << compute(y, x) << endl;
Write a program whose input is a character and a string, and whose output indicates the number of times the character appears in the string. Ex: If the input is: n Monday, the output is: Ex: If the input is: z Today is Monday, the output is: Ex: If the input is: n It's a sunny day, the output is Case matters. Ex: If the input is: n Nobody, the output is: n is different than N LAB ACTIVTY 4.12.1: LAB: Count characters 6/10 LAB ACTIVTY 4.12.1: LAB: Count characters 6/10 main.cpp Load default template... 1 #include«iostream» 2 using namespace std; 3 int mainO t 4 5 char C; 6 cin c 8 string s; 9 getline(cin, s); 10 11 int ct-0; 12 13 while (s. find(c) != string ::npos ) { 14 ct ct + 1; 15 s = s, find (c, s. find(c) + 1); 16 17 cout << ct << endl; 18 return 0: Total score: 6/10 Latest submission- 3:56 AM on 04/30/19 Only show failing tests Download this submission 1: Compare output 2/2 Input n Monday Your output 1 2: Compare output 2/2 Input z Today is Monday Your output 0 0/2 : Compare output Output differs. See highlights below. Input n It's a sunny day Your output Expected output2 4: Compare output 0/2 Output differs. See highlights below Input t this is a sentence with many t's Your output Expected output 2/2 5: Compare output Input x X Your output 0
Identify a true statement about a flat file system. a. Data in a flat file system can be updated efficiently. b. Data in a flat file system may not be updated in all files consistently. c. Data duplication in a flat file system is very efficient. d. Data in a flat file system can be easily managed.
Suppose two hosts, A and B, are separated by 7,500 kilometers and are connected by a direct link of R = 10 Mbps. Suppose the propagation speed over the link is 2.5 x 10 8 meters/sec. Consider sending a large packet of 500,000 bits from Host A to Host B. How many milliseconds (ms) does it take before the receiver has received the entire 500,000-bit file?

What technology would you like to use or see developed that would help you be a "citizen of the world"?


Answer and explanation:

While traveling abroad the main barrier to be considered is language. Entrepreneurs should focus special attention on developing mobile apps that interpret people's segments accurately so regardless of the country and language they can communicate through the app and make them feel they are "citizens of the world".

What error can you identify? (Points : 4)A double quotation mark was incorrectly inserted.
You cannot compare apples to oranges.
Assumes indentation has a logical purpose
No error



Assumes indentation has a logical purpose


No period

Which of these is outside the scope of an art director's responsibility?



Establishing Tight deadlines for a rush job.


The time taken for a rush job has nothing to do with the art director because it has nothing to do with art. Also rush jobs already call for tight deadlines so technically the deadline is already established.

Answer: cropping a photograph for the sake of space

Explanation: edge 22

The utilization of a subset of the performance equation as a performance metric is a pitfall. To illustrate this, assume the following two processors. P1 has a clock rate of 4 GHz, average CPI of 0.9, and requires the execution of 5.0E9 instructions. P2 has a clock rate of 3 GHz, an average CPI of 0.75, and requi res the execution of 1.0E9 instructions. One usual fallacy is to consider the computer with the largest clock rate as having the largest performance. Check if this is true for P1 and P2.



Given Data:

Clock rate of P1 = 4 GHz

Clock rate of P2 = 3 GHz

Average CPI of P1 = 0.9

Number of Instructions = 5.0E9 =  5 × 10^9

Clock rate of P2 = 3 GHz

Average CPI of P2 = 0.75

Number of Instructions = 1.0E9 = 10^9

To find: If the computer with largest clock rate has the largest performance?



As given in the question, clock rate of P1 = 4 GHz which is greater than clock rate of P2 = 3 GHz

According to the performance equation:

CPU Time = instruction count * average cycles per instruction/ clock rate

CPU Time = I * CPI / clock rate

Where instruction count refers to the number of instructions.

Performance of P1:

CPU Time (P1) = 5 * 10^9 * 0.9 / (4 * 10^9)

                        = 5000000000 * 0.9 / 4000000000

                        = 4500000000 / 4000000000

                        =  1.125s

Performance of P2:

CPU Time (P2) = 10^9 * 0.75/ (3 * 10^9)

                        = 750000000 / 3000000000

                        = 0.25s

So the Performance of P2 is larger than that of P1,

                          performance (P2) > performance (P1)

                                         0.25 is better than 1.125

But clock rate of P1 was larger than P2

                             clock rate of P1 > clock rate of P2

                                                  4 GHz > 3 GHz

So this is a misconception about P1 and P2.

It is not true that computer with the largest clock rate as having the largest performance.

From an IT perspective, which of the following best describes BI and BI apps?a. Stand-alone
b. Support a specific objective
c. A collection of ISs and technologies
d. Web-based systems designed for for-profits



Explanation: Stand-alone application is the application that is found on the system of every client.In accordance with the IT section, Business intelligence can be transferred into stand-alone application .This helps in the development of the essence of the system at an independent level.

Other options are incorrect because supporting a certain factor will not make it independent, cannot act as the group of ISs technology or web system for gaining profit.Thus,the correct option is option(a).

Expressions Write a console program that prompts the user for 3 double precision floating point values input1, input2, input3. Have the program compute and display the following values. the sum of input1, input2, input3 the average of input1, input2, input3 the log2 of input1 To access the built-in function log2 -- log2(X) computes the base 2 logarithm of X, you need to include the header at the top of your code.



See Explaination


#include <iostream>

#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

int main()


float input1, input2, input3;

float sum=0.0, avg, l;

cout<<"enter the value for input1: ";


cout<<"enter the value for input2: ";


cout<<"enter the value for input3: ";



cout<<"sum of three numbers: "<<sum<<endl;


cout<<"average of three numbers: "<<avg<<endl;


cout<<"log2 value of input1 number: "<<l;

return 0;



enter the value for input1: 4

enter the value for input2: 5

enter the value for input3: 6

sum of three numbers: 15

average of three numbers: 5

log2 value of input1 number: 2