162:53:55AD and MN are chords that intersect at point B.

A circle is shown. Chords A D and M N intersect at point G. The length of A B is 9, the length of B D is x + 1, the length of M B is x minus 1, and the length of B N is 15.

What is the length of line segment MN?

4 units
6 units
18 units
24 units


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:

Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

edg B)

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Final answer:

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Please help I'm really stressed about this it's simple it's the last question on this assignment I'll mark brainliest plzzz help


The domain is all real numbers expect -2, and the domain is -4 to 4 expect 2.

Determine the maximized area of a rectangle that has a perimeter equal to 56m by creating and solving a quadratic equation. What is the length and width?



Area of rectangle = 196\,m^2

Length of rectangle = 14 m

Width of rectangle = 14 m

Step-by-step explanation:


Perimeter of rectangle is 56 m

To find: the maximized area of a rectangle and the length and width


A function y=f(x) has a point of maxima at x=x_0 if f''(x_0)<0

Let x, y denotes length and width of the rectangle.

Perimeter of rectangle = 2( length + width )


Also, perimeter of rectangle is equal to 56 m.



Let A denotes area of rectangle.

A = length × width


Differentiate with respect to x


Put (dA)/(dx)=0




At x = 14, (d^2A)/(dx^2)=-2<0

So, x = 14 is a point of maxima



Area of rectangle:


Length of rectangle = 14 m

Width of rectangle = 14 m

Solve for x: x^2 + 14x + 49


Answer: -7twice

Step-by-step explanation:

This is a question on root of quadratic equation. The interpretation of the question

x² 14x + 49 is

x² + 14x + 49 = 0.meaning that we are to find two possible values for x that will make the expression equal 0.

We can use any of the methods earlier taught. For the purpose of this class, I am using factorization methods

x² + 14x + 49 = 0

Now, find the product of the first and the last terms, is

x² × 49 = 49ײ

Now find two terms such that their productbis 49x² and their sum equals 14x, the one in the middle.

We have several factors of 49x² but only one will give sum of 14x. Because of the time, I will only go straight to the required factors .

49x² = 7x × 7x and the sum gives 14x the middle terms..

Now we now replace the middle one by the factors and then factorize by grouping.

x² + 14x + 49 = 0

x² + 7x + 7x + 49 = 0

x(x + 7) + 7(x + 7) = 0

(x + 7)(x + 7). = 0

Now to find this value of x,

x + 7 = 0

x. = -7twice.

The root of the equation = -7twice.

How to solve -2x-10x12=18



x  =  −69

Step-by-step explanation:

1: Simplify




2: Add 120 to both sides.


−2x = 138

3: Divide both sides by -2.

-2x ÷  -2 = 138 ÷  -2

x = −69



Step-by-step explanation:

Choose the missing number. 36 x ____ = 7,200




Step-by-step explanation: