2. In the story, which of the following actually changes the future?a. a butterfly's natural death
b. a butterfly's unnatural death
c. a dinosaur's natural death
d. a dinosaur's unnatural death


Answer 1




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I gave my dad happy day raisins. How do I write the name of the special thing correctly?
What evidence supports the conclusion that "The Storyteller" uses satire to impart the theme that adults shouldrespect children's intelligence? Select two options."Come and look out of the window, she added."The child moved reluctantly to the window. "Why are those sheep being driven out of that field?' he asked.""Oh, look at those cows!' exclaimed the aunt. Nearly every field along the line had contained cows or bullocks, butshe spoke as though she were drawing attention to a rarity."'The smaller girl made no actual comment on the story, but she had long ago recommenced a murmured repetitionof her favourite line.""The storyteller paused to let a full idea of the park's treasures sink into the children's imaginations, then heresumed.""The story began badly,' said the smaller of the small girls, but it had a beautiful ending.'"It is the most beautiful story that I ever heard,' said the bigger of the small gir
If I .............. (meet) you before, my life .............. (be) different now.​
The Pool Players.Seven at the Golden Shovel.We real cool. WeLeft school. WeLurk late. WeStrike straight. WeSing sin. WeThin gin. WeJazz June. WeDie soon.Which tone does the language in the final lines of "We Real Cool" create?serioussarcasticuncertainhopeful
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Identify the subordinating conjunction: Wherever I hear a train whistle, I think of Dan.


Wherever is the subordinating conjunction.

Please select the word from the list that best fits the definitionThe Earth is round
Personal idea
Global knowledge


The word from the list that best fits the definition is global knowledge. The correct option is d.

What is global knowledge?

Global knowledge refers to knowledge that is beyond local and indigenous contexts. It is cross-cultural, has high generalizability, and tends to be characterized by diversity in the source. As such, global knowledge has to transpire cultural boundaries.  

Global knowledge in this knowledge domain includes technology exchange and sharing of information among nations. The human and social knowledge domain includes; global knowledge for a Global Village and the development of international friendship and exchange; social cooperation across cultures; and achieving the ideal of eliminating national, regional, racial and gender biases. The political knowledge domain refers to global knowledge for contributions to international understanding, common interests and coalition that may ultimately lead to the elimination of international conflicts and world peace.

Global Knowledge delivers what technology and business processes can't.

Learn more about global, here:




global knowledge


because earth is the the globe of knowledge and pacification

PLEASE HELP THIS IS FOR MY EXAM What should you accomplish in the conclusion of a reflective essay?a- Suggest a meaning for the experience described in the essay.
b- End with the climax or turning point of the narrative.
c- Describe the key incident of the essay in greater detail.
d- Make sure your reader is hooked and wants to read more.


The conclusion of a reflective essay suggest a meaning for the experience described in the essay. Therefore, the correct option is option A.

What is reflective essay?

In a reflective essay, you examine your experiences in life and discuss their significance or what you learnt from them in the first person. It frequently entails thinking back on the information you learnt in class as an academic analysis. The academic curricula frequently include reflective essays, and students are required to write them frequently.

Teenagers frequently write these kinds of essays to reflect upon their knowledge or a situation that occurred in a classroom. Contrary to the normal reflections that many individuals practise, this style of essay typically discusses a theory, reading, or experience rather than an event or recollection. Students investigate different learning strategies and their effects through this form of self-evaluation. The conclusion of a reflective essay suggest a meaning for the experience described in the essay.

Therefore, the correct option is option A.

To know more about reflective essay, here:




A. Suggest a meaning for the experience described in the essay.


When writing a reflective essay, it is your job to expound upon whatever experience you've had. When you conclude, it's best to ponder the meaning of your experience. What did you learn? What can you take away from the experience overall?

In Grendel, what poetic device is used in the phrase "ragged little bands that roamed the forest on foot"(31)?





a p e x

I think it is personification! Good luck :)

Which choice does not contain a run-on sentence? (Points : 3)The Big Dipper makes a good reference point these stars are almost always visible in the Northern Hemisphere.
Because the Big Dipper is almost always visible in the Northern Hemisphere, these stars make a good reference point.
The Big Dipper is almost always visible, these stars make a good reference point in the Northern Hemisphere.
The Big Dipper is almost always visible in the Northern Hemisphere these stars make a good reference point.


D and A are run on sentences due to no punctuation. You are left with B and C. I am thinking moreover c due to the simple fact the first one(first one out of B and C) starts off with Because.