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Answer 1
Answer: 3. It was thought to be an accident
4. Shansville, Pennsylvania
5. All of above

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Which of the following qualities apply to independent clauses? Select all that apply

1. Can stand alone as a sentence
2. Cannot stand alone as a complete sentence
3. Has a subject and a verb
4. Can be combined with a dependent clause
5. Does not express a complete thought





1: independent means that you can stand alone and that you don't need anyone or anything

4: Independent clauses are sentences by themselves, but can still be combined with dependent clauses

3: Clauses have both a subject and a verb




What does prospero do to bring the mariners to the island


Prospero has Ariel create absolute chaos on board the ship while Prospero conjures a storm with his magic. Ariel's devices have everyone running around like crazy and jumping off the boat as he sets fire to parts of it. He made sure though, that everyone was near enough to the shore and no one drowned, so that Prospero's plans for them on the island could be carried out. 

What revision should be made to maintain parallel structure?Sentence 1 should be revised to read, “When I get to my hometown, my first stop will be my uncle’s old gas station.”
Sentence 2 should be revised to read, “After that I will stop at Lancer’s Diner for some homemade cherry pie.”
Sentence 3 should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr. Butterworth’s for a chat with my favorite neighbor.”
Sentence 4 should be revised to read, “My last stop will be the house in which I grew up to see who lives there now.”


The revision that must be made to ensure that the given sentences contain a parallel structure would be as follows:

C). Sentence 3 should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr Butterworth’s for a ch-at with my favorite neighbor.”

  • "Parallelism" is defined as the literary device in which the author provides words or phrases in a sentence having equivalent structure so that each idea is provided equalsignificance.
  • In the given passage, the sentence 3 must be revised employing future tense so that all ideas come under the similar grammaticalstructure.
  • This would assist in providing same level of value and meaning to every idea by establishing parallelism among them.

Thus, option C is the correct answer.

Learn more about "Revision" here:

In order to maintain the parallel structure sentence (3) should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr. Butterworth’s for a chat with my favourite neighbour.”

In this passage each sentence starts in a similar way as the author has decided to list each activity he/she will do in his/her visit to the home town by using “My first stop….”, “My second stop….”, ““My next stop….” and “My last stop…” at the beginning of each sentence. In addition, the writer resorts to the simple future tense when he/she says what he/she will do in each stop and then he/she adds the purpose of theses action.

For example: “…., my first stop will be my uncle’s old gas station to fill the car”. In this fragment, the author starts his/her list of activities with the phrase “my first stop”, then he/she continues with a simple future tense to explain what he/she is going to do “will be my uncle’s old gas station” and finally he says the aim of this stop “to fill the car”. This grammatical structure is repeated in the subsequent sentences.

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Which word best completes the sentence? Paul, . by nature, said nothing. A. friendly B. incredible C. supernatural D. uncommunicative


I believe it’s D but I’m not absolutely sure

Write a Persuasive Essay, about anything you want, no plagiarism please. Thanks.


For thousands of years humans have been farming. Since the mass implementation of systematic agricultural dating back to almost ten thousand years ago, people have been dependent on the crops they grow for food and resources. However, recent studies have not exactly given us glad tidings. Rice, wheat and maize harvests have decreased by 9-10 percent as a result of human tampering and environmental issues (Paragraph 24, Source 3). This should obviously be a cause of great concern. As a response to these new challenges, the world community has been more initiative and active in recent times in the pursuit of protecting world food sources. There has been a raging debate that has arisen as these efforts continue. Proponents of these protection programs say that the programs are doing a great job. Critics have also been vocal, stating that these efforts are actually creating more problems than solving them. The truth is that the global community’s efforts to conserve world food sources are helping solve existing problems by providing food security, developing GMOS that help solve issues like malnutrition/food shortages and preparation for a potential doomsday scenario that could destroy millions of crop species.  

The first reason that the protection efforts help is the fact that they provide food security. The fact that crops are vanishing is not unknown, from reasons such as “shifting local weather patterns to disuse by farmers adopting new hybrids..” (Paragraph 2, Source 1). This is a huge problem, but it can be prevented. There is a program that stores seeds in a vault and is a “remarkable facility set of a rugged Arctic Island...the ultimate global safety net for food security,” (Paragraph 1, Source 1). This is a very helpful program that contains all the seeds on the planet that is used for crops. If potentially there was an issue leading to a crop species dying out, programs like the vault would help us keep them for everyone. Even if the world food shortages and issues don’t drive some species to extinction, the food prices would skyrocket (Paragraph 26, Source 3) . That’s why initiatives to protect these cereal grains should be embraced- it helps the common people, which thereupon fulfills the tenets of populistic principles that already are the epitome of world policies attributed to food system. To wrap this point up, if the global community continues to save its crops by using programs such as the vault, we can keep these species protected and provide food security.  

The second reason that the protection efforts help is the fact that innovations such as GMOs grow from it. For example, the benefits of GMOs are that “foods are tastier, more nutritious and resistant to diseases and droughts” (Paragraph 12, Source 2). From this we can extrapolate that the acceptance of the GMO programs can help the world population, especially poorer communities that find using GMOS to be cheaper, less time-consuming, and easier to grow in desolate areas. This is urgently needed in these countries. Some critics of the GMO programs say that they can cause “environmental damage and health problems...” (Paragraph 13, Source 2). However, this is just anti-intellectual fear mongering. To counter this fallacious claim further, the American for the Advancement Of Science (AAAS), that said rejection of GMOS were mostly “emotional rather than factual” (Paragraph 17, Source 2). The people trying to undermine the GMO programs are either very insincere or uninformed about the subject. No scientific studies show GMOs explicitly being the sole cause in any environmental or health issues. When looking through an objective lens, we can see the benefits of GMOs clearly outweigh the negative. In trying to better the betterment of the global community, GMO efforts must be injected into the mainstream. The GMO effort the global community is trying to use is solving actually existing problems.

The final point is that protection programs will prepare us from the danger of a doomsday event. In this doomsday like event, “like asteroid impacts and nuclear war,” up to 2.25 billion seeds could persih (Paragraph 1, Source 1). We must protect the Earth from more and more frequent potential threats. This ties back into investing in programs like the food vault and GMOs to provide a way to rehabilitation in a post-doomsday scenario. The Pentagon-funded think tank did a report where they say food issues can lead to unstable and weak governments to fall (Paragraph 29, Source 3). This could lead to another doomsday-type scenario as unstable countries without proper food would turn violent using militant strategies and ensuring world chaos. There is a viable solution, in “spending money now to avoid risks...for future” (Paragraph 30, Source 3). This is the mentality people must develop. Embrace the programs that the global communities are advocating. The possibility of a doomsday scenario and a messy aftermath will greatly diminish as a result.  

The world's food supply may face problems in the years to come. There are many attempts to prevent future problems. The global community’s efforts to protect world food sources are solving existing problems through the development and improvement of crops and preservation of crops for future use.

To begin with, many improvements of crops were developed. “Tomatoes have been developed that rests frost and freezing temperatures…” (Source 2, paragraph 10). The aforementioned crop was genetically modified to have those features. The innovation and improvement led to crops that are able to survive harsh conditions, therefore more of them, can be harvested and distributed. “‘GM crops can improve yields for farmers, reduce draws on natural resources and fossil fuels and provide nutritional benefits’ according to...Monsanto” (Source 2, paragraph 20). Genetically modified crops are able to show multiple benefits. Since less natural resources and fossil fuels are used, GM crops create a more sustainable and better food source. This, with the improvements of crops, there is success in protecting world food sources. In contrary, other people may say that efforts to protect food sources are creating complications. Moreover, they might claim that genetically altered crops are not safe for your health or safe to eat. However, “‘Foods from genetically engineered plant...have not been more likely to cause an allergic or toxic reaction than food from traditionally bred plants’”, the FDA stated (Source 2, paragraph 21). This shows that genetically modified plants are just as safe for consumption as traditionally bred plants.  

To continue with, the preservation of crops for future use is important. “‘To start scaling up the myriad weather related strategies...including harvesting existing seeds for future preservation…’” (Source 3, paragraph 31). In the case of a food shortage, communities should be ready and able to combat the problem. Being prepared for an emergency situation means creating a stable and reliable food source. “‘One way [we will adapt to future climates] is by tapping into this rich storehouse of diversity and breeding new crops with traits that allow them to succeed in [future] climates’” (Source 1, paragraph 6). Furthermore, this storage (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) is a good safety for the world food source. Therefore, the storage and preservation of crop species equates to a secure and improved food source for the world.  

In summary, the attempts made to protect food sources are solving problems. There are issues arising all over the world such as climate change. The community must prepare for these complications.  

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