Fibrosarcomas usually occur in which of the following species. a. cat b. sheep c. dog d. horse


Answer 1
Answer: fibrosarcomas usually occur in the mouth of a dog and also a cat. so the answer would be c and a
Answer 2


Cancer is not a word anyone likes to hear, say or even think of but unfortunately our pet cats are not immune to it. A fibrosarcoma is a type of cancer that occurs in cats and it's something that all cat owners should be aware of.

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What are the components of epithelial cell membranes?
Pharmacology integrates an understanding of the:a. transformation of plants and living organisms into effective medicationsb. the synthesis of drugs in pharmaceutical laboratoriesc. treatment of disease through naturally occurring substancesd. action, movement, and use of drugs in living organism
Too Mature, Too Fast? Some researchers believe that early maturation might make girls susceptible to premature sexual activity and unwanted pregnancies. Do you agree? What are some of the possible consequences of the body maturing more rapidly than the mind for both girls and boys? Support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.
In the plaque assay for bacteriophages, A.only temperate phages may be used. B.coculture with bacteria is not required. C.the plaque is a clear zone caused by a zone of lysis. D.the plaque is an opaque area caused by a high concentration of virus.
A patients pulse oximetry reading is 92%. What is the bestmethod of oxygen administration for this patient?

Which is not one of the common causes of infertility? A. Abnormally large eggs (hyperovaminemia) B. Declining hormone levels that occur with aging C. Low sperm count D. Irregular ovulation



irregular ovulation ( D )


Irregular ovulation is not one of the common causes of infertility. , The quality of the eggs in women/ size of the eggs affect the fertility status in women and this quality is affected by declining hormone levels that occur with age. while in the case of irregular ovulation the woman will have to put in more effort to determine her most fertile time but it won't affect her ability to conceive in general.

Unbeknownst to her or her care team, a 51-year-old woman’s breast cancer has an etiology rooted in the fact that tumor suppressing genes are present but have been silenced. Consequently, she has not synthesized normal cancer-suppressing proteins and neoplasia has resulted. What process has accounted for the woman’s cancer?


Since, the options are not given the question is incomplete. The complete question is as follows:

Unbeknownst to her or her care team, a 51-year-old woman's breast cancer has an etiology rooted in the fact that tumor suppressor genes are present but have been silenced. Consequently, she has not synthesized normal cancer-suppressing proteins and neoplasia has resulted. What process has accounted for the woman's cancer?

A. Chromosomal translocation

B. The “two-hit” hypothesis of carcinogenesis

C. Epigenetic mechanisms

D. A DNA repair defect

Answer:  C. Epigenetic mechanisms


In cancer epigenetics the modification of the DNA of the cancer cells occur which will not cause the change in the nucleotide sequence rather it will affect the way, through which the genetic code is being expressed in the body. In cancer different type of epigenetic mechanisms can result which may cause silencing of the tumor suppressor genes, modification of the histone, dysregulation of proteins of DNA, alteration of the methylation pattern of DNA.

According to the given situation, is an example of the epigenetic mechanism of cancer. This is because the tumor suppressor genes of cancer cells are present but these are silenced, that is they are non-functional as a result of this the cancer-suppressing proteins will not be synthesized in the body. This entire condition will be contributing to the neoplasia.

According to Boyle's law, as volume increases, the pressure of contained gases would:a. increase
b. decrease
c. be unchanged


As volume increases, the pressure decreases since both are inversely proportional with respect to Boyle’s law.


An inverse proportionality exists between the volume and the pressure, this law will hold true if there are no changes in the molecules number and the temperature.  

At an initial state of fixed quantity of gas, this law helps to determine changes in the pressure and volume. This law was introduced in the year 1662. According to this law, when the volume increases then the pressure in the contained gas would decrease.  This is because of the reason that there exists an opposite relationship between the pressure and the volume.




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Vaccines are effective because the body "remembers" the exposure to the vaccine's component, and can react swiftly to attack and destroy these components the next time they are encountered naturally in the environment. This occurs becauselymphocytes called "B cells" are activated by certain antigens, and, when combined with a chemical signal from T cells, divide rapidly to form two groups of many identical cells (clones). One group forms the active disease-fighting army of plasma cells, and secrete antibodies into the blood. The second group remains stored in lymph nodes, ready to develop rapidly into more plasma cells at the next exposure to the same antigen. What are these warrior cells, waiting in reserve in the lymph nodes, called?a. cytotoxic cells
b. memory cells
c. macrophages
d. antibodies


Answer: Memory cells.


Vaccines are effective because they lead to the production of  memory cells which remembers the experience when the body got an exposure to the antigen for the first time.

When the antigen get exposed to the body, B cells of the body are activated. They further get divided into two parts, one part forms plasma cells and the other part forms memory cells.

The plasma cells secrete antibodies in the blood to fight disease and other part gets stored in the lymph until it is exposed for the second to antigen which will convert them into plasma cells.

The reserved cells are known as memory cells.

Your dental office is participating in a large charity event that promises to provide free dental care to a large number of children. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of instrument kits & handpieces available and sterilizing them will slow down the delivery of care. Which method of sterilization might help in moving instruments more quickly through processing?


Chemical sterilization is a fast method of sterilization. The best method to sterilize instruments quickly is the use of isopropyle alcohol.


It is the method of killing microbes from the surface of instruments and utensils used in surgical procedure.

There are two type of sterilization.

  1. Physical sterilization
  2. Chemical sterilization

Physical Sterilization:

  • This is done by using heat and and pressure or irradiation methods.
  • It takes time sterilize the instrument.

Chemical sterilization:

  • This mainly include the use isopropyle alcohol to sterilize the surface and instrument.
  • It is a fast method of sterilization.

Therefore, the best method to sterilize instruments quickly is the use of isopropyle alcohol.

To know more about sterilization, refer to the link: