An institutional broker wants to review their book of customers to see which are most active. Given a list of trades by customer name, determine which customers account for at least 5% of the total number of trades. Order the list alphabetically ascending by name.


Answer 1








The customers list should be updated and sorted periodically to identify regular customers and those customers with big orders. There are many customers in the list and the list is not sorted according to alphabetical order. Those customers which account for more than or at least 5% of total trade are Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta. These are place first in list among other customers.

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Pederson Enterprises produces giant stuffed bears. Each bear consists of $12 of variable costs and $9 of fixed costs and sells for $45. A wholesaler offers to buy 8,000 units at $14 each, of which Pederson has the capacity to produce. Pederson will incur extra shipping costs of $1 per bear. Determine the incremental income or loss that Pederson Enterprises would realize by accepting the special order.
A number of activities that are a part of a company's quality control system are listed below: a. Product testing.b. Product recalls. c. Rework labor and overhead. d. Quality circles. e. Downtime caused by defects. f. Cost of field servicing. g. Inspection of goods. h. Quality engineering. i. Warranty repairs. j. Statistical process control. k. Net cost of scrap. I. Depreciation of test equipment. m. Returns and allowances arising from poor quality. n. Disposal of defective products. o. Technical support to suppliers. p. Systems development. q. Warranty replacements. r. Field testing at customer site. s. Product design. Required: 1. Classify the costs associated with each of these activities into one of the following categories: prevention cost, appraisal cost, internal failure cost, or external failure cost. 2. Which of the four types of costs in (1) above are incurred in an effort to keep poor quality of conformance from occurring? Which of the four types or costs in (1) above are incurred because poor quality of conformance has occurred?
The audit expectation gap occurs when there is a difference between the expectations of the ________. a. generally accepted accounting principles and auditors. b. auditors and company under review. c. auditors and financial statement users. d. company under review and financial statement users.
For Tax Year 2019, amounts are indexed using the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers ("chained CPI"). What impact will this have on 2019 tax returns?
Xenon Tech acquired a patent on January 1st, 2013, for $26,400. The patent was estimated to have a useful life of 12 years. On July 1st, 2017, the company incurred legal fees of $6,000 to successfully defend the patent in an infringement suit. How much amortization expense will Xenon Tech recognize on the Income Statement for the year ended December 31st, 2017?

Andrews has a new design for their product Axe next round that can reduce their material cost of producing units from $8.13 to $7.33. Andrew passes on one quarter of all cost savings by cutting the current price to customers. For simplicity: Current selling price = $19.00; Use current labor costs of $4.02; Use period costs of $7,260 (from Income Statement). Required:
Determine the new selling price to break even next round.





New selling price = Old selling price - Adjustments

Old selling price = $19.00, Adjustments = 1 quarter of reduced raw material costs difference

New selling price = $19.00 - ($8.13 - $7.33)/4

New selling price = $19.00 - $0.20

New selling price = $18.80

So, the new selling price to break even next round is $18.80.

1. The roles of money Antonio just graduated from college and is now in the market for a new car. He has saved up $4,000 for a down payment. He's deciding between a Super and a Duper. The Super is priced at $23,599, and the Duper is priced at $18,999. After agonizing over the decision, he decides to buy the Duper. He writes the dealership a check for $4,000 and takes out a loan for the remainder of the purchase price.




Antonio used the value of money as a unit of account to compare the value of the two cars namely Super and Duper and come to the conclusion that Duper was cheaper to Super

Antonio saved $ 4000 in his checking account  which he gave to the seller. This represent money's role as a store of value

Antonio write a check of the money he saved to the seller and the seller accepted it and gave him the car which fulfill the role of money as a medium of exchange.

Marv Company's direct labor costs for manufacturing its only product were as follows for October: Standard direct labor hours (DLHs) per unit of product 2 Budgeted finished units for the period 7,100 Actual number of finished units produced 5,700 Standard wage rate per direct labor hour (SP) $ 20.00 Direct labor costs incurred $ 234,000 Actual wage rate per direct labor hour (AP) $ 18.00 The direct labor efficiency variance for October, rounded to the nearest dollar, was: a. $32,000 unfavorable.

b. $20,600 favorable.

c. $26,000 favorable.

d. $3,200 unfavorable.

e. $52,600 unfavorable.



a. $32,000 unfavorable


The computation of the direct labor efficiency variance for October is shown below:-

Direct labor efficiency variance = (Standard hours for actual production - Actual hrs) × Standard rate per hour

= (5,700 × 2 - $234,000 ÷ $18.00) × $20

= (11,400 - $13,000) × $20

= $1,600 × $20

= $32,000 unfavorable

Therefore for computing the direct labor efficiency variance for October we simply applied the above formula.

Which 3 are benefits of using apps with QuickBooks Online?


The QuickBooks Online can supply additional information about numerous aspects, cut down on data entering time, and are capable of meeting industry-specific requirements.

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software company whose products include desktop, internet, and cloud-based accounting solutions for processing bills and business payments.

QuickBooks is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. There are many advantages of the Quick book.

The advantages of QuickBooks include the following:

  • It can cut down on data entering time.

  • It can supply additional information about numerous aspects of a company.

  • They are capable of meeting industry-specific requirements.

Therefore, QuickBooks online furnishes many advantages to the business and individuals.

Learn more about the QuickBooks, refer to:


- They can provide additional insight into various parts of a business

- They can reduce time spent on data entry

- They can solve industry-specific needs


Rubrix, a leading animation and gaming company, launches its video game console at an introductory price of $189.00, which is relatively low for products of this category. The reasoning behind this low pricing is that Rubrix expected fierce competition to move in rapidly. Also, the demand for video game consoles varied according to the price sensitivity of prospective customers. Identify the pricing policy used here.Skimming policy

Markdown policy

Going-rate policy

Penetration policy



The correct answer is letter "D": Penetration policy.


Penetration pricing refers to a strategy by which firms introduce their products at a price lower than the average in the market in an attempt of attracting the greater quantity of consumers possible and wiping out competitors. After the competition is removed, the entity plans to set the price of its good higher since it has the control of the market now assuming customers would not have found a substitute.

Suppose that the average annual return on the Standard and Poor's 500 Index from 1969 to 2005 was 14.8 percent. The average annual T-bill yield during the same period was 5.6 percent. What was the market risk premium during these 10 years?



Market risk premium = 9.2%


The market risk premium is the difference between the market returns and the t bill yield. To calculate the market risk premium of this duration we will need to subtract the average annual t bill yield from the average annual return on the standard and poor's 500 index.