True or False : Much of the literature of the world has been greatly influenced by the literature of the ancient Romans . True False URGENT please help


Answer 1
Answer: I think the answer is true

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Using complete sentences, explain the creation and functions of the European Union.
According to Elijah Anderson, Reading Terminal is a place where diverse groups can come together peacefully because the people who go there are "cosmos" (shorthand for cosmopolitan). According to his observations and interpretations, the dynamic that is largely missing from Reading Terminal is:a. social status. b. ethnocentrism c. regionalization. d. audience segregation.
2. Commander Zheng He was celebrated as a hero after his death.True O False​
Preston and his men searched the frozen tundra for escaped convict Ben Barker. Just as they were about to give up, one of Preston's men spotted a body. Barker was found lying dead in the snow. There were no tracks leading to or from the body. The cause of death was partially due to the unopened pack on his back. Barker did not die of thirst, hunger, or cold. What was in Barker's pack that led to his death?
Pizza is an example of a mixtureTrue or false

_____ is Canada's most cosmopolitan city and features a wide variety of immigrant-rich neighborhoods in older downtown districts, as well as distinctive ethnic enclaves in the older, inner suburbs.





As the Moon travels around Earth, the different shapes we see are the of the Moon O Revolves O Craters Phases​


As the Moon travels around Earth, the different shapes we see are the PHASES of the Moon

Answer: We have a slightly different view of the Moon each night. We describe how the Moon looks with the eight Moon phases, or shapes:


Waxing Crescent

First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous


Waning Gibbous

Third Quarter

Waning Crescent

A study of samples in 32 countries showed that individualism was positively correlated with higher expressivity of emotions, especially happiness and surprise. Individualism was negatively correlated with expression of sadness. What is your understanding of these research findings?



It is a research that shows that what influences the level of positive emotions in one country could be that which influences the negative expression in another country.


This research is premised on the factors responsible for individual expressions in different countries.

What defines ones happiness in one country could be that which brings about unhappiness. For instance, teachers in Finland are well paid and it gives them happiness and fulfillment. But the reverse is the case for teachers in most developing countries whose wages is not commensurate with the time spent work.

Showing favouritism, gossiping and spreading rumours, and blaming coworkers, are examples of which category of deviant workplace behaviours? A. property deviance B. political deviance C. personal aggression D. deviance production E. deviance group deviance


The correct answer is B. Political deviance


The word "deviance" describes actions against the norms established in a society, institution, community, etc. In the case of political deviance, this occurs when individuals display inappropriate behaviors that go against the politics of an organization this includes practices such as bullying, favoritism, being unrespectful to others, etc. Additionally, in this type of deviance behaviors are not addressed to only one person which would be personal aggression.

According to this, showing favoritism, gossiping, blaming workers, etc. is part of political deviance because these behaviors go against the politics of fairness, respect, and similar in an organization. Also, this cannot be classified as personal aggression, property deviance or deviance production because these types of deviance involve other aspects rather than the politics in an organization.

PLEASE HELP TO THIS I WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST Students need to raise a specific situation in their community especially in these times of pandemic wherein they have to



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Ashante stated that she was quite sure that she would have grades higher than most first-year students. She said she felt that she would be above average on most college activities she might consider joining as well. Her friends did not see her as being above average. This suggests Ashante may be showing which concept above?


People seem to just consider "average" to be 100. So, a score of 110 for a 12 year old girl is almost above average. Technically, you could say it is above average, but considering that "above average" usually means 120+ .... So I would say that is really good.
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