Dmitri was complaining about his workload before the staff meeting began. Later, when the manager announced that 12 parking spaces would be lost due to construction across the street, he raised his hand and asked, "Then where exactly do you expect us to park?" The manager tried to provide some recommendations, but Dmitri continued to complain until the manager gave up and announced the meeting was over.What could Caroline do to make the next meeting more effective and productive?
A. Bring a positive attitude
B. Dominate the conversation
C. Help summarize


Answer 1




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Bill Buckely has​ split-limit 100​/200​/40 automobile liability insurance on his 2012 Subaru. Driving home from work in a​ snowstorm, he hit a​ Mercedes, slid into a​ guardrail, and knocked down a telephone pole. Damages to the​ Mercedes, the​ guardrail, and the telephone pole were ​$33,428​, ​$7,422​, and ​$12,041 respectively. How much will​ Bill's insurance company​ pay? How much will Bill be required to pay​ directly? ​Bill's insurance company will pay ​$nothing. ​(Round to the nearest​ dollar.) The amount Bill will be required to pay directly is ​$nothing. ​(Round to the nearest​ dollar.)
Faucet Company has 2,500,000 shares of common stock outstanding on December 31, year 1. An additional 500,000 shares of common stock were issued on April 1, year 2, and 250,000 more on July 1, year 2. On October 1, year 2, Faucet issued 5,000, $1,000 face value, 7% convertible bonds. Each bond is convertible into 40 shares of common stock. No bonds were converted into common stock in year 2. What is the number of shares to be used in computing basic earnings per share and diluted earnings per share, respectively, for the year ended December 31, year 2?
pencer Co. has a $450 petty cash fund. At the end of the first month the accumulated receipts represent $68 for delivery expenses, $227 for merchandise inventory, and $37 for miscellaneous expenses. The fund has a balance of $118. The journal entry to record the reimbursement of the account includes a:
Ricky is not in a consumer equilibrium. Given the prices of goods, Ricky has allocated all his income such that his marginal utility per dollar spent is ________ for ________ goods.
In January, 2006, Findley Corporation purchased a patent for a new consumer product for $720,000. At the time of purchase, the patent was valid for fifteen years. Due to the competitive nature of the product, however, the patent was estimated to have a useful life of only ten years. During 2011 the product was permanently removed from the market under governmental order because of a potential health hazard present in the product. What amount should Findley charge to expense during 2011, assuming amortization is recorded at the end of each year?a. $480,000.b. $360,000.c. $72,000.d. $48,000.

The simplest remedy available to the ftc against firms charged with false, misleading, or deceptive advertising is __________ . cease and desist order consent decree corrective advertising fines


The simplest remedy available to the FTC against firms charged with false, misleading, or deceptive advertising is consent decreeA consent decree is defined as an agreement or settlement that ends s dispute between two or ore parties without anyone admitting to being guilty or liable of actions. This is one of the main types of settlements that happens within the United States. 

Part Three: Neighboring WSU dropped their tuition and fees by 14 percent and TTA saw enrollment fall from 8,400 to 7,400. What is the cross elasticity between the two schools.?





Given that

Dropped percentage of tuition and fees = 14%

Enrollment fall from 8,400 to 7,400

So, the cross elasticity between the two schools is

= Percentage change in quantity demanded of one good ÷ Percentage change in price of another good


Percentage change in quantity demanded of one good equals to

= ($7,400 - $8,400) ÷ ($8,400)

= -11.9%

And, the percentage change in price of another good is -14%

So, the cross elasticity is

= -11.9% ÷ -14%

= 0.85

You expect to receive the annual property Net Operating Income (NOI) from a certain property as follows: Year 1 $20,000 Year 2 $22,000 Year 3 $30,000 Year 4 $31,000 Year 5 $40,000 3) What is the Total Present Value of the property given the 5 year holding period?



The answer is "353281.88".


In this question, the total present value for cash flow was its notion which states the today's currency is worth more than tomorrow. In other terms, money received by tomorrow is not as large as today.

Using formula:

Total present value of cash inflow  = 104913.35+248368.53=353281.88

A value innovation strategy requires trade-offs between differentiation and low costs. These are two distinct business-level positions that often require very different internal value chain activities. An example of a low-cost activity that may not be appropriate for a differentiator is _____



The standardization of the production process for higher output levels with fewer model changes


The standardization of production process has the potential to reduce the unit cost, though it may also reduce the flexibility necessary for the production of different products in a timely way. Consequently, this may reduce the product value on the part of customer.

Final answer:

A low-cost activity not suitable for a differentiator could be bulk purchasing of standard components as it may limit product uniqueness. Differentiation instead needs activities like design innovation, market research, and the use of costly, unique resources, possibly involving international trade and evaluating different parts of the value chain.


A low-cost activity that may not be appropriate for a differentiator could be bulk purchasing of standard components. While this approach can help a company minimize costs, it may prevent differentiation if the relied-upon components are standard and widely used, thereby limiting a product's uniqueness. Focusing on differentiation requires a company to focus on activities such as product differentiation, creating unique aspects of its product that allow it to stand out from competitors. These activities can be more expensive because they often involve design innovation, in-depth market research, and costly resources or materials. Particularly, when a company engages in international trade, differentiation may involve slicing up the value chain through tasks such as specialized manufacturing or tailoring marketing approaches to specific regional markets.

Learn more about Business Strategy here:


What are the key differences between using a deerskin as money and using a dollar bill as​ money?a. Using a deerskin as money incurs a much larger transactions cost because it is bigger and heavier than paper money.
b. Using a deerskin as money may not be as widely accepted as using paper money.
c. Using a deerskin as money cannot fulfill the key functions of​ money: a medium of​ exchange, a unit of​ account, a store of​ value, and a standard of deferred payment.
d. A and b only.
e. All of the above?


I guess the correct answers are A and B only

Using a deerskin as money may not be as widely accepted as using paper money.

Using a deerskin as money incurs a much larger transactions cost because it is bigger and heavier than paper money.

A paymеnt systеm is any systеm usеd tο sеttlе financial transactiοns thrοugh thе transfеr οf mοnеtary valuе, and includеs thе institutiοns, instrumеnts, pеοplе, rulеs, prοcеdurеs, standards, and tеchnοlοgiеs that makе such an еxchangе pοssiblе.

The County legislature approved its 2020 budget. Revenues from property taxes are estimated to be $800,000. The assessed value of all the property in the county is $40 million. The County has received certificates for property tax exemption of consisting of $3 million for homestead exemptions, $1.3 million for veterans, $700,000 for old age, and $5 million for nonprofits. In addition, the County believes all property taxes will be collectible. What property tax rate per $1,000 of net assessed value must the County charge to collect sufficient property taxes to meet its $800,000 estimate



The property tax rate is $26.67


In this question, first, we have to compute the net assessed value which is shown below:

= Property value - property tax exemption - homestead exemption - veterans - old age - non profits

= $40,000,000 - $3,000,000 - $1,300,000 - $700,000 - $5,000,000

= $30,000,000

Now the property tax equals to

=  (estimated property taxes) ÷ (Net assessed value) × 1000

= ($800,000 ÷ $30,000,000) × 1000

= $26.67