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Really easy seventh grade math can I get this problem answered? Thanks!!
Please help ASAP! Thank you!
Find the equation of the line parallel to x=1 that contains the point (-2,-1)
On a can of sardines it is written that the can contains 10 sardines. You open up 100 cans and find the average is 9.75 sardines with a standard deviation of 1. What is the test statistic in a test of the null hypothesis that the population average is 10? Can you reject the null at the 5% significance level?
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The multiplicative inverse of – 1 in the set {-1,1}is


Answer: The multiplicative inverse of – 1 in the set {-1,1} is -1.

Step-by-step explanation:

In algebra, the multiplicative inverse of a number(x) is a number (say y) such that

x* y=1  [product of a number and its inverse =1]

if x= -1, then

-1* y=1\Rightarrow\ y=-1

That means , the multiplicative inverse of -1 is -1 itself.

Hence, the multiplicative inverse of – 1 in the set {-1,1} is -1.

Evaluate the expression 2x-4y if x=3 and y=(1/2)



Step-by-step explanation:

2(3) - 4(1/2)

6 - 2 = 4

Find the slope of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points. (−3, 9), (−3, −5


The formula of a slope:


We have the points (-3, 9) and (-3, -5). Substitute:

m=(-5-9)/(-3-(-3))=(-14)/(-3+3)=(-14)/(0)\qquad\large{!!!!}\n\n\large\boxed{\text{Division by 0}}!!!

Conclusion: The slope is not exist.

Given line is a horizontal line. Horizontal line has not a slope.


Undefined Slope

Step-by-step explanation:

Well, we can first do (-5-9)÷[-3-(-3)].

We get -14/0.

We know anythingn divided by zero is impossible or undefined, so the answer to this is just undefined. If you can't enter it in your homework portal, then ask your teacher. Please don't report this, as I'm correct. Thank you!

Rita earns $18.00 per hr. If she gets a 6% raise, what will be her new hourly wage?




Step-by-step explanation:

Take her wage and multiply by the percent increase

18*.06 =1.08

Add this to her original wage


19.06 is the new wage

Tell whether the following set is an empty set or not. A = {A quadrilateral having 3 obtuse angles}



It is not an empty set

Step-by-step explanation:

Obtuse angles are angles greater than 90 and less than 180.

There are quadrilaterals having 3 obtuse angles and they are possible.

If we imagine 3 obtuse angles of 91 degrees (obtuse angle), the 4th angle will be


=> 87 degrees

So, This quadrilateral can be constructed!

And also with 92, 93, 94 and so on!

So, Set A is not an empty set!


It is not an empty set

Step-by-step explanation:

A quadrilateral with 3 obtuse angles is possible.

A obtuse angle has a measure of more than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

Let’s say three angles are measuring 91 degrees in a quadrilateral.

91 + 91 + 91 + x = 360

x = 87

The measure of the fourth angle is 87 degrees which is less than 360 degrees and is a positive integer, so it is possible.

The product of 3 and a number is the same as 24 less thrice that same number



there is no such number

Step-by-step explanation:

our "number" will be represented by variable x

3x = 3x-24

isolating x

0x = -24

0 = -24

since this statement is false for all x, there is no such number x

Final answer:

The given condition does not have a solution.


In this question, we are asked to find a number that satisfies the given condition. Let's assume the number is 'x'. According to the given information, the product of 3 and the number 'x' is equal to 24 less than 3 times the number 'x'. We can write this as the equation 3x = 3x - 24. By subtracting 3x from both sides, we get 0 = -24. This means that there is no number that satisfies the given condition.

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