Vocabulary 1 Find and write the definition for each word below. 1. Abhor-
2. Abrasive-
3. Alternative-
4. ambiguous-
5. amiss-
6. anarchy-
7. anonymous-
8. anthology
9. apathy-​


Answer 1



Abhor-you have disgust and hatred.

Abrrasive-Showing little concern

Alternative-one of two or more available possibilities.

Ambiguous-Have a double meaning

Amiss-Not quite right

Anarchy-a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

Anonymous-A person not identified.

Anthology-a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.

Apathy-Lack of interest.

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What does the word unfurled in paragraph 7 BEST exemplify? OA. the vastness of the land B. the uniqueness of the environment O C. the confusion caused by being outdoors D. the frustration resulting from being aloneShe stood , finally , her canvas Keds tied tight , on May 3 , 1955 , atop the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail , the longest continuous footpath in the world , facing the peaks on the blue- black horizon that stretched toward heaven and unfurled before her for days . Facing a mean landscape of angry rivers and hateful rock she stood , a woman , mother of eleven and grandmother of twenty - three . She had not been able to get the trail out of her mind . She had thought of it constantly back home in Ohio, where she tended her small garden and looked after her grandchildren , biding her time until she could get away .


The word unfurled in paragraph seven best exemplifies as the vastness of the land. The correct option is A.

What is a paragraph?

A structured, cogent succession of sentences that are all related to the same idea is a paragraph. Almost all of your work that is longer than a few sentences needs to be divided into paragraphs. Typically, a paragraph only addresses one idea.

Typically, you'll introduce that topic with one sentence and then use a number of supporting sentences to complete it. The typical length of a paragraph is between 100 and 200 words, however, this generalization is more flexible than you may think.

You can compose and organize paragraphs using this simple paragraph structure, which will assist each paragraph flow into the next.

Therefore, the correct option is A. the vastness of the land.

To learn more about a paragraph, refer to the link:






Unfurled means to spread out from a tight spaced or a small state and to go somewhere more opened to the air

Pandemic infectious diseases have affected humans ever since we set foot on this planet, the authors explain. They have shaped the form of civilizations.” How this may be true?



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In the list below... What is NOT an example of Biomass?Group of answer choices






Wood because it has nothing to do with that !




We use four types of biomass today—wood and agricultural products,solid waste, landfill gas and biogas, and alcohol fuels

Biomass is a collective term for all plant and animal material. A number of different forms of biomass can be burned or digested to produce energy. Examples of biomass include wood, straw, poultry litter and energy crops such as willow and poplar grown on short rotation coppice and miscanthus.

I hope this is what you wanted:

In lines 3-6 (“Here . . . branch”), the speaker’s description of Evans’ photography techniques as “acrobatic” suggests that the photographer’s relationship to his surroundings iscalculated and artificial

dangerous and destructive
hostile and predatory

reverent and careful

innovative and unique


The suggestion that the lines "Here...branch" make about the 'acrobatic' association between the photographer and the surroundings would be:

A). calculated and artificial

  • The term 'acrobatic' denotes that something is 'active very powerfully.'
  • The acrobatic association between the photographer's techniques implies that the association that the photographer shares with his surroundings would be 'deliberate, determined, and unnatural.'
  • The reason behind this is that he employs this association only to develop the intended images(contrived).

Thus, option A is the correct answer.

Learn more about "Relationship" here:


Final answer:

The speaker's description of Evans' photography techniques as 'acrobatic' suggests that the photographer's relationship to his surroundings is innovative and unique.


The speaker's description of Evans' photography techniques as 'acrobatic' suggests that the photographer's relationship to his surroundings is innovative and unique. The word 'acrobatic' implies that Evans has a creative and inventive approach to his photography, using unconventional techniques and angles to capture his subjects. This suggests that his relationship to his surroundings is not calculated or artificial, but rather spontaneous and dynamic.

Learn more about photography techniques here:



What was the main reason the United States government intervened In the great railroad strike of 1877


because lots of people did not have transportation, which meant that the US GDP was decreasing in hurting business of all kinds.

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