Constitutional debt limits are imposed on:____________


Answer 1
Answer: Municipalities impose debt ceilings on the dollar amount of bonds that can be issued backed by ad valorem taxing power (G.O. bonds). To raise this limit requires a public referendum. Debt limits do not apply to self supporting debt such as revenue bonds or industrial revenue bonds. Hope this helps

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Yelena cries more than the average child. Her sleep patterns are irregular, and it's hard for her mom to calm her down. Thomas and Chess would argue that she most likely has a(n) _________________ temperament.a. difficult b. easy c. slow-to-warm up d. disorganized
Researchers have found that 2- to 7-year-old children are actually less egocentric than Piaget thought. What is an example of a toddler understanding the perspective of someone else
All six physical features of Georgia?
In the aftermath of World War II, what happened to the U.S. economy?A) A contraction led to a recession. B) There was a major sustained expansion. C) It gradually dropped into a depression. D) A small growth spurt was followed by stagnation.
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The perspective of _____ within psychology is most comparable to chemistry.



The answer is Neuroscience.



Neuroscience is a branch of Biology that is rapidly expanding. In psychology, there is also a paradigm of Neuroscience which deals with the study of Neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemicals within the brain that allows information to be transferred from one point to another thus aiding proper functioning and communication within the brain.

Scientists have found that it is possible to alter neurotransmission with the help of certain chemicals. This helps to correct psychological conditions such as depression. It also helps to manage ambulation problems such as Parkinson disease.


Final answer:

Biological psychology, which explores how biological processes influence behavior and mental states, is most comparable to chemistry within the field of psychology. It involves the study of interactions at a molecular or cellular level, similar to chemistry.


The perspective within psychology that is most comparable to chemistry is biological psychology or biopsychology. This branch of psychology focuses on how biological processes, such as brain function, hormones, and genetics, influence behavior and mental processes. Like chemistry, biological psychology involves the study of the interaction of components at a molecular or cellular level. For example, it will explore the impacts of neurotransmitters (chemical substances) on mood or behavior. So, the same way a chemist would study the interactions and impacts of various chemical substances, a biological psychologist would study the impacts of biological processes on our behavior.

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Early anti-drug campaign ads were equally effective at influencing public opinion and changing offender behavior.True or false?


The correct answer is True

Explanation: Anti-drug campaign ads are equally effective at influencing public opinion and changing offender behavior.

Which components of a galaxy exist in the space between the stars?Planets and gas
Gas and dust
Moons and dust
Stars and planets


Gas and dust are the components of a galaxy that exist in the space between the stars. Hence, option B is appropriate.

What is the meaning of a Galaxy?

A galaxy is a collection of stars, stellar remains, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter that are gravitationally bonded together. The name comes from the Greek word galaxies, which translates to mean "milky" and refers to the Milky Way galaxy, which houses the Solar System.

Countless stars, solar systems, gas, as well as dust make up a galaxy. A galaxy is held together by gravity. The Milky Way, which is the center of our galaxy, also contains a supermassive black hole.

There are approximately 125 billion galaxies inside the observable universe, according to data from the Hubble Deep Field, which was created through an extraordinarily long exposure of a mostly empty region of the sky.

Hence, option B is correct.

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gas and dust



In the question given below, there are two statements marked as Assertion (A) and Reason(R). Read the statements and chose the correct option:

Assertion (A): India is rated as more developed than Sri Lanka by UNDP

Reason (R): The life expectancy and per capita income in Sri lank is more than India



"India is rated as more developed than"... is assertion and the second one is reasoning.


In 532 CE, rioters threatened to overthrow Byzantine Emperor Justinian 1. What persuaded him not to flee and to instead send out his forces to end the uprising?А
He believed that his army could defeat any force.
He believed that it was the will of God that he rule.
Empress Theodora advised him to stay and fight
General Belisarius advised him to stay and fight.



Correct answer is Empress Theodora advised him to stay and fight.


Obviously, Empress had a large impact on the Emperor. When the revolt started in the first years of his reign, Justinian was afraid that he has no power to preserve the throne. He decided to run away, but Empress convinced him to stay. This strengthen the role of the Emperor, who after this event started his famous military campaigns. Belisarius was the general that led those campaigns.

All other options are therefore wrong.

Dr. Tim required half of a group of healthy volunteers to study a reading passage for 1 hour. The other half of the participants studied for 15 minutes. Dr. Tim then administered a test of participants' memory of details from the passage. What was the dependent variable?a. The study time
b. The memory test
c. The reading passage
d. The results of the memory test



d. The results of the memory test


The results of the memory test is the independent variable which depends on the study time. In the study, the study time is the independent variable while the result of the test is the dependent variable. The independent variable relies on changes in the dependent variable.