What is the y-intercept of y = -3x - 2​


Answer 1

This is written in slope-intercept form; y = mx + b

m = slope

b = y-intetcept

In the equation we are given;

m = -3

b = -2

Therefore, the y-intercept is -2

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Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

y = mx + bis how slope intercept form is written. The "mx" is the slope while the "b" is the y-intercept. In the equation y = -3x -2, we can see that -2 is the y-intercept because it is the value of "b".

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Step-by-step explanation:

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Step-by-step explanation:

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Erika paid a self-employment tax last year. She calculated the self-employment tax for different amounts of net earnings and recorded them in the table shown. Self-Employment Tax Net Earnings, x Self-Employment Tax, y $0 $0 $15,000 $2,295 $30,000 $4,590 $45,000 $6,885 Which function describes the relationship between x, the amount of net earnings, and y, the self-employment tax? a y=15/2295x
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Answer:The answer is B

Step-by-step explanation:

because i did the same test and got 100 A+

Final answer:

The function that describes the relationship between net earnings and self-employment tax is y = 2295/15x.


The function that describes the relationship between the amount of net earnings (x) and the self-employment tax (y) is y = 2295/15x.

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This is the two that go together, but are separate questions



Option 1)

6a + 8s = 102

14a + 4s = 150

each adult ticket costs 9 dollars



6 adult tickets and 8 student tickets bring in $102, so that means 6a+8s = 102

14 adult tickets and 4 students tickets bring in $150, so 14a+4s = 150

The system of equations is

\begin{cases}6a+8s = 102\n14a+4s = 150\end{cases}

If we multiply both sides of the second equation by -2, we get this updated system

\begin{cases}6a+8s = 102\n-28a-8s = -300\end{cases}

Add the equations straight down

6a+(-28a) = -22a

8s+(-8s) = 0s = 0 ... the 's' terms go away

102+(-300) = -198

So we end up with the equation -22a = -198 and that solves to a = 9 after dividing both sides by -22.

Each adult ticket costs $9

If you want the value of s, then

6a+8s = 102

6(9)+8s = 102

54 + 8s = 102

8s = 102-54

8s = 48

s = 48/8

s = 6

Meaning each student ticket costs $6

Or you could use the other equation

14a+4s = 150

14(9)+4s = 150

126+4s = 150

4s = 150-126

4s = 24

s = 24/4

s = 6

We get the same value of s

A newspaper’s cover page is 3/8 text, and photographs fill the rest. If 2/
5 of the text is an article about
endangered species, what fraction of the cover page is the article about endangered species



The answer is 0.15

Step-by-step explanation:

In this 2/5 of 3/8 is about endangered species

Therefore to obtain the answer we need to multiply the two fractions

2/5 × 3/8

Fraction of the cover page about endangered species is therefore = 2/5 × 3/8

= 0.15