What couses cancer of the colon?​


Answer 1
Answer: the exact cause is unknown but the risk factors are including your diet , smoking , heavy alcohol use and family history

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(Not for school, personal question) I am a 14 yr old, 15 in Jan. I lift weights and stick to a diet, recently I haven't been working out due to a hip injury that is healing slowly but surely. I have been using whey protein powder after workout, not to much as I know it is unhealthy for you (32 grams with plenty of water). I just recently found out about vegan protein and heard it is healthier then whey, not sure if I should switch to vegan or whey. I am not vegan and not thinking of switching to being vegan just wondering which is healthier and which will have side effects. I apologize for any typos, currently on mobile.
Which step of mitosis involves the condensing of DNA into chromosomes?metaphaseprophaseanaphasetelophase
True or False. There is no known cure for HIV infection.
What did the first bowling pins represent?
Which of the following best describes the principleof beneficence?preventing harm to patientsdoing good for patientstelling patients the truthexplaining a patient's optionstreating a patient with respect

Which method provides that most support and ensures the most success in a new exercise program



recording all physical activities in a journal


it is easier for us to keep track of the value and the result of the exercises. With the diary, we can identify if all of the exercises that we completed was the target of all the muscle groups that have the intent and if all the combination of exercise to burn enough calories to our ideal weight.

3. How has technology affected the health sciences?


Health care providers to better manage patient care through the secure use and sharing of health information.

Information to help diagnose health problems sooner, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care at lower costs.

Technology has improved so much over the years

ATPN order requires 500ml Of Dextrose 30%.You find that the pharmacy only stocks Dextrose 70%.
How much water will you need to add?



286 ml of water


Since 500ml Of Dextrose 30% is needed to be produced from Dextrose 70%. Let us assume that x ml of Dextrose 70% is mixed with water to get 500 ml of Dextrose 30%. Hence:

30% of 500 ml = 70% of x

70x = 15000

Dividing through by 70:

x = 214 ml

Therefore 214 ml of Dextrose 70% is used

The amount of water used is gotten using:

amount of water = Amount of Dextrose 30% - Amount of Dextrose 70%

amount of water = 500 ml - 214

amount of water = 286 ml of water

Or the activities listed below, which would be classified as a group activity?A weight training
B cycling
Please select the best answer from the choices provided.


Soccer since you play with a team.
soccer would be the ideal one

25. What two factors are most important in determining a child's emotional development?a. experiences and temperament
b. opportunities for socialization and education
c. parents and caregivers
d. abilities and phobias


Abilities and phobias
experiences and temperament

Match each individual to the correct category using height and weight
Ted is five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds.
is he overweight​


No he is not under weight