Nora is interested in a career in human resource management. She expected her first job to focus on giving employees access to information and enrollment forms for training, benefits, and other programs. However, she has since learned that HR employees spend less time doing that kind of work. Which trend is behind that change


Answer 1


employees can now get such information through self-service


The trend behind this change is that, employees can now get such information through self-service. Human resource Employees spend less time doing such work now because such information is readily available on the internet and can be accessed by any employee at anytime that they want to do so on their own.

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A company that is based on a direct flow of authority from the top executive to subordinates is known as a ________ organization.
Garfun, Inc., owns all of the stock of Simon, Inc. For 2014, Garfun reports income (exclusive of any investment income) of $480,000. Garfun has 80,000 shares of common stock outstanding. It also has 5,000 shares of preferred stock outstanding that pay a dividend of $15,000 per year. Simon reports net income of $290,000 for the period with 80,000 shares of common stock outstanding. Simon also has a liability for 10,000 of $100 bonds that pay annual interest of $8 per bond. Each of these bonds can be converted into three shares of common stock. Garfun owns none of these bonds. Assume a tax rate of 30 percent.What amount should Garfun report as diluted earnings per share? (Round your intermediate percentage value to the nearest whole number and the final answer to 2 decimal places.)
Activities of a central motor pool that provides and services vehicles for the use of municipal employees on official business should be accounted for in a. General Fund. b. Enterprise Fund. c. Internal Service Fund. d. Special Revenue Fund.
Firm B has a 12% ROE. Other things held constant, what would its expected growth rate be if it paid out 25% of its earnings as dividends?
Imagine that you are holding 5,000 shares of stock, currently selling at $40 per share. You are ready to sell the shares but would prefer to put off the sale until next year for tax reasons. If you continue to hold the shares until January, however, you face the risk that the stock will drop in value before year-end. You decide to use a collar to limit downside risk without laying out a good deal of additional funds. January call options with a strike of $45 are selling at $2, and January puts with a strike price of $35 are selling at $3. 1. What will be the value of your portfolio in January (net of the proceeds from the options) if the stock price ends up at: (a) $30 (b) $40 (c) $50 2. Compare these proceeds to what you would realize if you simply continued to hold the shares.

What is an advantage of taking out a long-term loan instead of a short-termloan?

A. A long-term loan usually requires a low debt-to-income ratio.

B. A long-term loan usually has a lower total cost.

C. A long-term loan usually has a lower interest rate.

D. A long-term loan usually requires no credit check.


One of the major advantages of taking a long-term loan is that a long-term loan usually has a lower interest rate. Therefore (C) is the correct option.

What is a long-term loan?

A long-term loan is a financial instrument with a one-year maturity. Both private and public institutions are accepting applications for this loan. Collateral is generally needed for long-term loans.

The loan's interest rate is lower than that of a short-term loan because it must be repaid over a three-to ten-year period.

Therefore, (C) is the correct option.

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Sheridan Company's prepaid insurance was $192000 at December 31, 2021 and $89600 at December 31, 2020. Insurance expense was $62000 for 2021 and $53300 for 2020. What amount of cash disbursements for insurance would be reported in Sheridan's 2021 net cash provided by operating activities presented on a direct basis





Calculation to determine What amount of cash disbursements for insurance would be reported in Sheridan's 2021 net cash provided by operating activities presented on a direct basis

Using this formula

Cash disbursements for insurance =2021 prepaid insurance +Insurance expense-BOY prepaid insurance

Let plug in the formula

Cash disbursements for insurance=$192,000+ $62,000-$89,600

Cash disbursements for insurance=$164,400

Therefore the amount of cash disbursements for insurance that would be reported in Sheridan's 2021 cash provided by operating activities presented on a direct basis is $164,400

what is the fastest way to grow your account (in followers and likes) on social media? this doesn't have to be "right" just say what has helped you grow on social media​



I think is just be nice like thier pics leave nice comments cause if ur nice to them they might think Oh that was nice I'm gonna follow them and just put cute pics and things that are trendy so people will see them and always stay nice and polite


One year ago, you purchased 350 shares of Titan Wood Products for $63.17 per share. The stock has paid dividends of $.71 per share over the past year and is currently priced at $68.22. What is your total dollar return on your investment?a. $2016.00b. $1891.75c. $1767.50d. $2083.20e. $1008.00



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Barton's Taco Tico has four taco makers and ten other employees who take orders from customers and perform other tasks. The four taco makers and the other employees are paid an hourly wage. How would you classify (1) the wages paid to the taco makers and other employees and (2) materials (e.g., cheeses, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, taco shells, etc.) used to make the tacos?A Fixed Cost Fixed B Fixed Cost Variable
C Variable Cost Fixed
D Variable Cost VariableA) Choice C B) Choice D C) Choice A D) Choice B



The correct answer is letter "B": Choice D.


Fixed costs are business expenses that do not change when production levels increase or decrease. These are one of two types of business expenses and the other is variable costs. Variable costs change with increases or decreases in production volume. Then:

1)The wages paid to the taco makers and other employees - Variable Costs

2)Materials (e.g., cheeses, salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, taco shells, etc.) used to make the tacos - Variable Costs

You are saving for the college education of your two children. They are two years apart in age; one will begin college 15 years from today and the other will begin 17 years from today. You estimate your children’s college expenses to be $40,000 per year per child, payable at the beginning of each school year. The appropriate interest rate is 7 percent. Your deposits begin one year from today. You will make your last deposit when your oldest child enters college. Assume four years of college for each child. How much money must you deposit in an account each year to fund your children’s education?



It will deposit $ 10,082.68 per yearto fund their children tuiton


We calculate the present value of the tuiton:

We must notice payment are made atthe beginning of the year. So this will be an annuity-due

C * (1-(1+r)^(-time) )/(rate)(1+r) = PV\n

C 40,000 per year

time 4 year

rate          7% = 7/100 = 0.07

40000 * (1-(1+0.07)^(-4) )/(0.07) (1+0.07) = PV\n

PV $144,972.6418

we round to 144,972.64

Then, we have two children and we stop the payment when the oldest children goes into college.

so one tuiton must be carryied two years into the future:

Principal \: (1+ r)^(time) = Amount

Principal $144,972.64

time              2 years

rate                      0.07000

144972.64 \: (1+ 0.07)^(2) = Amount

Amount 165,979.18

We add both to get the total value of our fund:

144,972.64 + 165,979.18 = 310,951.82 = 310,952

Finally we calculate the couta of this annuity for 17 years

PV / (1-(1+r)^(-time) )/(rate) = C\n

PV  $310,952.00

time      17 years

rate               7% = 0.07

310952 * (1-(1+0.07)^(-17) )/(0.07) = C\n

C  $ 10,082.68

Based o the fact that there are two children involved and the annual savings have to be uniform, the annual amount to fund your children's education will be $10,808.

How much should you deposit yearly?

The amount needed for both children is:

= 2 students x ( College expenses x Present value factor for Annuity due, 7%, 4 years)

= 2 x (40,000 x 3.6243)

= $271,597

This is the total amount to be saved so the amount to be saved yearly is:

271,597 =  Amount x ( ( 1 + 7%)¹⁵ - 1) / 7%

Amount = 271,597 / 25.1290

= $10,808

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