Creation myths from many different cultures across the globe tend to share similar characteristics. Describe some of the common elements found among many creation myths.


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The correct answer to this open question is the following.

Creation myths from many different cultures across the globe tend to share similar characteristics. Some of the common elements found among many creation myths are the concepts of an almighty God that represents the Supreme Creator of all things. This divine being inhabited a different place form Earth, never specified by the creation stories. This God demands total attention because it is the father of all the creatures on Earth. The myths refer to the good life humans have to follow to keep God happy, otherwise, they should be condemned in judgment day to be in hell for eternity. Myths refer to strange creatures that embody different forms and somewhat influence the behavior of humans. There is a temptation to do evil things to gain power and control. That is when appears the figure of a hero or savior that comes to free humans install peace and justice for all.

Great examples of interesting mythology are the Sumerian Pantheon, the Egyptian Pantheon, Greek mythology, or Roman Mythology.

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A. The relation ship in your life are incredible important especially those with God

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The correct answer is A).

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Options B and C mention aspects which are exclusive to the Jewish Religion, like the belief that the arrival of the Messiah who would return them to the land of Canaan is pending and their use of the Hebrew Bible.  

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