A physical education class has 21 boys and 9 girls. Each day, the teacher randomly selects a team captain. Assume that no student is absent. What is the probability that the team captain is a girl two days in a row?The probability of choosing a captain that is a girl two days in a row is


Answer 1

The probability of choosing a captain that is a girl two days in a row is 9%

How to determine the probability?

The given parameters are:

Boys = 21

Girls = 9

The total number of students is

Total = 21 + 9

Total = 30

This means that the probability of selecting a girl is:

P(Girl) = 9/30

For two days, the required probability is

P = 9/30 * 9/30


P = 9%

Hence, the probability of choosing a captain that is a girl two days in a row is 9%

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Answer 2


U already provided the answer. Anyways have a good day!!

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  • 20b +12g = 552
  • b + g = 34


Step-by-step explanation:

Two equations can be written: one for the total expense, and one for the number of pieces of equipment. The unknowns in this scenario are the numbers of bats and gloves, which we can represent using the variables b and g. Then the system of equations is ...

  20b +12g = 552 . . . . . . equation for total expense

  b + g = 34 . . . . . . . . . . . equation for pieces of equipment

The augmented matrix is the matrix of the coefficients in these equations:



The solution to these equations is ...

  (b, g) = (18, 16)

Final answer:

The system of equations representing this situation is 20b + 12g = 552 and b + g = 34. In augmented matrix form, this is [[20,12,552],[1,1,34]].


In this situation, we can represent the number of bats and gloves a baseball team bought as variables, let's say 'b' and 'g' respectively. From the query, we have two pieces of information which provide two equations:

  1. 20b + 12g = 552 (This represent the total cost of the bats and gloves)
  2. b + g = 34 (This represents the total number of items bought)

In matrix form, we can put this system of equations in an augmented matrix as:


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It took Fred 12 hours to travel over pack ice from one town to another town 360 miles away. During the return journey it took him 15 minutes


Step-by-step explanation:

what is your question please

What is the y-coordinate of the point that divides the directedline segment from J to K into a ratio of 2:3?










Step-by-step explanation:

Given the point J(-3,1) and K(8,11).

The line segment that divides the segment from J to K in any given ratio can be determined using the formula.

P(x,y)=\left((mx_2+nx_1)/(m+n) ,(my_2+ny_1)/(m+n)\right)

In the given case:

(x_1,y_1)=(-3,1), (x_2,y_2)=(8,11), m:n=2:3

Since we are to determine the y-coordinate of the point that divides JK into a ratio of 2:3, we have:


The y-coordinate of the point that divides the directed  line segment from J to K into a ratio of 2:3 is 5.

The correct option is D.


The answer is actually C(5) not D

Step-by-step explanation:

Compare to the graph f(x)=x^2 the graph of g(x)=(x-2)+3 is the result of translating f(x) 1.2 units up 3 units to the right
2. 2 units down and 3 units up
3. 2 units right and 3 units up
4 2 units left and 3 units right



i believe it is 4 but i'm not so sure

Step-by-step explanation:


Final answer:

The graph of g(x)=(x-2)^2+3 compared to the graph of f(x)=x^2 is translated 2 units to the right and 3 units upwards.


To understand the transformation of graphs in mathematical terms, consider the initial function f(x) = x^2. The transition to the new function g(x)=(x-2)^2+3 is a result of a shift or translation of the graph. This transformation behaves as per the following rule: g(x) = f(x-h)+k where 'h' units is the horizontal displacement and 'k' units is the vertical displacement.

In the function g(x), x shifts two units to the right (as indicated by (x-2)) and three units upward (as indicated by +3).

So, the correct answer is 2 units right and 3 units up.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Acceleration= (final velocity - initial velocity)/ time

= v-u/t

v = 20m/s

u = 5m/s

t= 30s

= 20-5/30

= 15/30

= 0.5ms^-2

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The change is elevation is 98 feet.

There are a couple different ways to get this answer. You could:
A. Subtract 127 from (positive) 225, to get the height difference. Or...
B. Subtract the starting height from the ending height (-127 - (-225)) which would also give you the height difference.

I hope this helps!