If an author with the above credentials wrote an article titled "Conducting Primary Research," would you consider it acredible source?
Yes, the author has studied and published within the topic.
Yes, the author has a PhD.
No, the author did not get a degree in research.
No, the author does not have research background.​


Answer 1




Answer 2

Final answer:

An author with a PhD and relevant publications can be considered a credible source, but additional factors like the evidence they present and the reputation of their publication should also be evaluated.


In evaluating a source's credibility, several factors should be considered, including the author's credentials, their expertise, their evidence, and the quality of the publication. If an author has a PhD and has published on the topic, then they are likely a credible source. However, it's also important to assess the publication in which the article appeared and the type of evidence the author uses to support their arguments. One should not dismiss the author's credibility solely based on their degree specialty as long as they show expertise and a good understanding of conducting primary research in their work.

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To provide evidence of the possible difficulties the narrator and his father encounter in ''Dragonwings'', the film would need to include images of a more diverse population, including Chinese immigrants. Therefore, the option A holds true.

What is the significance of Dragonwings?

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Examine and describe each picture below write your answer on a separate sheet of paper​



where is the picture. if you give the picture only I can tell you the answer you haven't given the picture please give the picture what can I do if you didn't get the picture I can't give the answer

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Also, why is this in English?

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The second excerpt i believe

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