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Answer 1


2 remainder 5 ily

Step-by-step explanation:

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Please help me with number 7 and 8 and explain both of them how you got it. Will mark the brainliest!
In a study of factors affecting whether soldiers decide to reenlist, 320 subjects were measured for an index of satisfaction. The sample mean is 28.8 and the sample standard deviation is 7.3. Use the given sample data to construct the 98 percent confidence interval for the population mean.
Which statement about the data in the table shown is true?x –2 –1 0 1y –3 –1 1 3A. The data do not represent a function.B. The data represent a nonlinear function.C. The data represent a quadratic function.D. The data represent a linear function
If the lengths of two sides of a triangle are 5 and 9, respectively, which of the following could be the length of the third side of the triangle? Indicate all such lengths. [A] 3 [B] 5 [G] 8 [D] 15

Kenny worked 6.5 hours on Monday, and 5 hours on Tuesday. If he received a check for $143.75 for working those 2 days, how much does Kenny make per hour?



Kevin makes $12.50 per hour.

Step-by-step explanation:

If Kevin works 6.5 hours on Monday and 5 hours on Tuesday, he works a total of 11.5 hours. Over 11.5 hours he makes $143.75. To find your answer, you have to divide your total earned, 143.765, by the total time worked, 11.5 hours. Your answer should then be 12.5, which is the amount per hour kevin earns.

Using the diagram below, what is the measure of ZE?




Step-by-step explanation:

Think of line AE as a transversal. with DE and AB cutting across it. If we draw it out, looking at the picture, we can see that angles A and E correspond, meaning that angle A = angle E = 50

Explain how you know 437,160 is greater than 43,716


437160 has more numbers than 43716


Because 437,160 is greater than 43,716


Step-by-step explanation:

It has more numbers and on the number line, 437,160 is greater than 43,716

Think about it this way:

Suppose a company has a profit of $437,160 this spring.

And another one has $43,716 this spring.

Now, the question is:

Which company has a larger profit?

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The length of a rectangle is 2x - 3 feet, and the width is 5 feet. What is the area of the rectangle in square feet?A. 7x – 15
B. 10x – 15
C. 10x - 8
D. 7x-8


D is the correct anserw i believe

Please help me solve this math problem



I think it is undefined.

What is the area of the trapezoid? If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth. A trapezoid with bottom side length of 8.5 feet, top side length of 5.5 feet, and height of 6.5 feet. 35.8 feet squared 45.5 feet squared 46.8 feet squared 55.3 feet squared



45.5 sq. feet

Step-by-step explanation:

Area of trapezoid is given by 1/2(sum of parallel sides) * height of trapezoid.

In the problem

Parallel sides are  bottom and top sides with  length of 8.5 feet and 5.5 feet

Thus sum of Parallel sides =  8.5 feet + 5.5 feet = 14 feet

Height =  6.5 feet.


area of  trapezoid = 1/2*(14)* 6.5 feet = 7*6.5 feet = 45.5 sq. feet

The area of the trapezoid is whose sides are 8.5 feet and 5.5 feet with a height of 6.5 feet is 45.5 feet squared.

What is the area of a trapezoid?

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with parallel opposite sides and a height.

Mathematically, the area of a trapezoid can be calculated by using the expression:

\mathbf{Area  \ of\  a \  trapezoid = (1)/(2)(a+b)* h}


  • a and b =the two parallel sides of the trapezoid
  • h = height

\mathbf{Area  \ of\  a \  trapezoid = (1)/(2)(8.5+5.5)* 6.5}

\mathbf{Area  \ of\  a \  trapezoid = (1)/(2)(14)* 6.5}

\mathbf{Area  \ of\  a \  trapezoid = 45.5 \  ft^2}

Learn more about calculating the area of a trapezoid here: