A cone is inside a cylinder. The cone and the cylinder have the same base and height.The part of the cylinder that is NOT taken up by the cone has twice the volume of the cone. What fraction of the total cylinder is taken up by the cone?

A. 3/2
B. 2/3
C. 1/2
D. 1/3


Answer 1



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Answer 2
Answer: B. 2/3 because I just gesused idk

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A triangle on the coordinate plane has points located at (2,5) (5,9) and (8,5) what is the area of the triangle?
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What integer multiplied by 8 equals -96?
WILL GIVE BRAINLYEST AND 30 POINTS Which of the followeing can be qritten as a fraction of integers? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY 25, square root of 14, -1.25, square root 16, pi, 0.6

Arrange the four expressions in ascending order of their values when x = -2.



3-1 2-4 1-3 4-2

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Simplify your answer as much as possible.



mixed number: 4 1/15

Exact: 61/15

I think the answer is 8/3 + 7a/5

Determine whether and are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. W(–4, 5), X(8, –1), Y(6, –2), Z(1, –7)


Answer: The question is that of Line WX and YZ are parallel or perpendicular, not WZ and XY unlike the other given answer.


Step-by-step explanation:

See moc up i made. The two lines don't even intersect, I.E the answer is neither!


You have not mentioned the joining points so I have joined the points WZ and XY and plotted in the graph. It seems that the lines WZ and XY are perpendicular.

Which number is both a factor and a multiple of 14


7 is the factor of 14 and 7 has 14 as its multiple.

What is Factor?

A factor is a number that completely divides another number. To put it another way, if adding two whole numbers results in a product, then the numbers we are adding are factors of the product because the product is divisible by them.


We have the Number 14.

So, the factors of 14 = 1, 2, 7, 14.

and, 7 can act as factor of 14.

also, 7 has multiple 14.

Hence, 7 is the required number.

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7 is both a factor and a multiple

Find r, if 6r7 = 511 8​




Step-by-step explanation:

6×7r = 5118

42r = 5118

r = 121.857



Step-by-step explanation:

r=  5118/42

A cereal comes in three different package sizes. 8 ounce box $12, 12 ounce box $16,16 ounce box $20 what is the ratio of the coast of an 8 ounce box to a 16 ounce box of cereal


The ratio between two numbers can be written in terms of fraction by writing the first number as numerator and the second number as denominator. The ratio of the given two boxes is 0.6.

What is the application ratio and proportion?

A ratio is the relation between two numbers a and b as a / b. A proportion is the equality of two ratios as a / b = c / d.

Ratio and proportion can be applied to solve Mathematical problems dealing with unit values of the quantities.

Given that,

The cost of 8 ounce box is $12,

The cost of 12 ounce box is $16,

And, the cost of 16 ounce box is $20.

The ratio of two numbers a and b is given as a : b =  a / b.

Thus the ratio of the cost of an 8 ounce box to a 16 ounce box is given as,

12 : 20

= 12 / 20

= 0.6.

Hence, the ratio between the cost of the two boxes is 0.6.

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Check and simplify ratios:

8 ounces to 12 dollars - 8:12
Simplified: 2:3

16 ounces to 20 dollars - 16:20
Simplified: 4:5


2 / 3 = 66.66%
4 / 5 = 80%

The 16 ounce box has a larger ratio than the 8 ounce box