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Answer 1


The interior of the triangle are congruent as they are equal in size at point at point l, k, m proof is the line of symmetry shows a 4 way rotation.

We know from how the line represents 2 triangles that equally make an equal sided square should we draw lines

For the g, h, i, j to show a 4 way rotation- should we draw 2 more triangles.

The second shape has congruent angles as the rotation is 2 and angles shown indicate the symmetrical value as midway point are the same also. So while all 3 sets of the second angles are congruent if we make a square shape 8/8 angles have the same degree as one another as there will be 4 triangles in shape 1 and shape 2.

Whilst the rotation is less, this is simply as the base is on the outside and sides are the same- creating a wider perimeter as it enlarges the shape. this may confuse but to prove again we can compare a rotation to equal curve triangles folded within a regular circle shape or just like the first example create 4 triangles and draw 2 lines of symmetry. just like folding a regular square. For full flip rotation within a shape we have found side length is not equal but angles must be 3 of the same for 2 way rotation within a larger shape and 3 equal angles with longer length for rotation within its first found square shape.

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer 2


Both are congruent

Step-by-step explanation:

7. SSS congruence

KN=KM ........Side

KI=MI ........Side

LN is a common side

Thus by SSS congruence both triangles are congruent

8. ASA congruence

angles PRO=TRS ..........vertically opposite angles are equal

angles POR=RTS ..........given to be equal in the question

angle OPR=180-PRO-POR ...angle sum property of triangle

angle RST=180-RTS-TRS ......angle sum property of triangle


line PO=TS .......given in question


OPR=RTS ...........angle

line PO=TS .........side

POR=RTS ...........angle

Thus by ASA congruence both triangles are congruent

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The following information should be considered;

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HELP ME WITH MATH!!! So basically I have to figure out how many hours that is between the times.


Answer: (I think its correct)

1: 8 hours and 30 minutes

2: 8 hours

3: 8 hours and 50 minutes

4: 8 hours and 45 minutes

5: 7 hours and 48 minutes

6: 11 hours 13 minutes

7: 11 hours 31 minute

Step-by-step explanation: (Im bad at explaining it)

So I got this by using counting the hours in between the times and taking out the minutes in them,then subtracting the time they took the fall asleep. Every time that has minutes I add that, if it is over 60 minutes I subtract 60 minutes. So like 30+35=65 | 65-60=5.

Lets do a problem: 9:15 (bed) | 10:30(woke up) | 30 minutes (fall asleep)

So we count how many hours in each time and we take out the minutes, so 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, so on and so forth.

So in between the hours its was 13. Then we add the minutes (15+30)

15+30=45. So the answer is 13 hours and 45 minutes, but we got to subtract 13 hours and 45 minutes which is 13 hours and 15 minutes.

Final Answer: 13 hours and 15 minutes.