A data structure used to bind an authenticated individual to a public key is the definition of ________. digital certificate
internet layer
data link layer


Answer 1


Digital Certificate is the correct answer of this question.


Digital certificates are always for encryption and identification for transmitting public keys.The concept of digital certificate is a data structure used for linking an authenticated person to a public key. It is used to cryptographically attach public key rights to the organization that controls it.

For example:- Verisign, Entrust, etc.

  • An appendix to an electronic document that is used for authentication purposes.
  • A digital certificate's most frequent use is to confirm that an user sending a message is who he or she appears to be, and provide the recipient with the means to encode a response.

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Its A Dynamic Web Page


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A structured chart is a sequential representation of program design


It is true that a real-time system which is a term to describe an operating system working in relation to real-time is actually a form of the online system. Hence, option B is not correct.

It is also true that Batch totals are not incorporated while designing real-time applications because Batch Data processing is carried out in a separate manner and at a time when the computer is free. Thus Option C is not Correct

It is also true that 4GL which stands for Forth generation programming language is used for application prototyping. Again Option D is not Correct.

However, a structured chart is not a sequential representation of program design, but rather a break down to the infinitesimal module in the program design. Hence, option A is the correct answer.

Bargain Bob's auto dealership sells vehicles. He sells Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge brand vehicles. He tracks customer and manufacturer. Bob tracks only the main owner—all co-owners and co-signers are recorded elsewhere.Based on the description above, what is the maximum cardinality between each instance of "Customer" and "Vehicle?"


Based on the given description in the question, the maximum cardinality assignment of the customer and vehicle is; one customer to one vehicle mapping

Cardinal Mapping

Cardinality is simply defined as the mapping of entities or group of entities to a certain cardinal value. This means that cardinality seeks to highlight the relationship between two objects such as eggs in a crate or shoes on a rack.

Now, in this question, we see that the car dealer sells one car to a customer and tracks the customer and manufacturer for that particular vehicle. This is simply 1 to 1 mapping and as such the maximum cardinality assignment of the customer and vehicle is one (1) to one (1) mapping.

Read more on Mapping at; brainly.com/question/1625866


Customer(1) - (1) Vehicle.


Cardinality is the mapping of entities or group of entities to a cardinal value. It tries to show the relationship between two objects like a cups in a shelf or plates in racks.

The car dealer in the question, sells one car to a customer and keep or prioritise the record of the main owner of the acquired vehicle. So the maximum cardinality assignment of the customer and vehicle is one (1) to one (1) mapping.

Write a function named minMax() that accepts three integers arguments from the keyboard and finds the smallest and largest integers. Include the function minMax() in a working program. Make sure your function is called from main().Test the function by passing various combinations of three integers to it.



public class Main


public static void main(String[] args) {

 minMax(1, 2, 3);

 minMax(100, 25, 33);

 minMax(11, 222, 37);


public static void minMax(int n1, int n2, int n3){

    int max, min;

    if(n1 >= n2 && n1 >= n3){

        max = n1;


    else if(n2 >= n1 && n2 >= n3){

        max = n2;



        max = n3;



    if(n1 <= n2 && n1 <= n3){

        min = n1;


    else if(n2 <= n1 && n2 <= n3){

        min = n2;



        min = n3;


    System.out.println("The max is " + max + "\nThe min is " + min);    




*The code is in Java.

Create a function named minMax() that takes three integers, n1, n2 and n3

Inside the function:

Declare the min and max

Check if n1 is greater than or equal to n2 and n3. If it is set it as max. If not, check if n2 is greater than or equal to n1 and n3. If it is set it as max. Otherwise, set n3 as max

Check if n1 is smaller than or equal to n2 and n3. If it is set it as min. If not, check if n2 is smaller than or equal to n1 and n3. If it is set it as min. Otherwise, set n3 as min

Print the max and min

Inside the main:

Call the minMax() with different combinations

Given the following: int funcOne(int n) { n *= 2; return n; } int funcTwo(int &n) { n *= 10; return n; } What will the following code output? int n = 30; n = funcOne(funcTwo(n)); cout << "num1 = " << n << endl; Group of answer choices Error num1 = 60 num 1 = 30 num1 = 600 num1 = 300



num1 = 600



The attached code snippet


The output of n = funcOne(funcTwo(n));  when n = 30

The inner function is first executed, i.e.


When n = 30, we have:


This returns the product of n and 10 i.e. 30 * 10 = 300


funcTwo(30) = 300

n = funcOne(funcTwo(n)); becomes: n = funcOne(300);

This passes 300 to funcOne; So, we have:

n = funcOne(300);

This returns the product of n and 2 i.e. 300 * 2 = 600

Hence, the output is 600

A database is composed of several parts known as database ____


fragments.....is the answer...
Hope it Helpz..!!
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