After the statements that follow are executed,var firstName = "Ray", lastName = "Harris";
var fullName = lastName;
fullName += ", ";
fullName += firstName;

b.firstName="Ray Harris"
c.fullName="Ray Harris"
d.fullName="Harris, Ray"


Answer 1


d. fullName="Harris, Ray"


// here we define two variables firstName="Ray" and lastName= "Harris"

var firstName = "Ray", lastName = "Harris";

// then we create another variable fullName and assign it the value stored in variabl lastName that is "Harris"

var fullName = lastName;

// then we added a coma and space. At this point fullName= Harris,

fullName += ", ";

// then we added firstName to the variable fullName. At this point fullName=Harris, Roy

fullName += firstName;

Note: the += operator means that add the variable on the left by an amount on the right

a+= b; or a = a + b; both mean same

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________ is a hybrid version of Ethernet that uses either 10Base-T, 100Base-T, or 1000Base-T. a. Mullion Ethernet b. Base-T Ethernet c. 10/100/1000 Ethernet d. Token ring Ethernet e. FDDI Ethernet
Describe a strategy for avoiding nested conditionals. Give your own example of a nested conditional that can be modified to become a single conditional, and show the equivalent single conditional.
1. What power does creating your own variables give you that you wouldn't otherwise have?
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In dealing with facial recognition technology, what term describes the rate at which imposters are recognized as legitimate users?

Write a program that meets the following requirements.Create two stages in a program
Create a pane using FlowPane in each stage
Add three buttons to each pane
Create a class named FlowPaneDemo extends Application
Create user interface using FlowPane
Add the instances of 3 Buttons to pane1 created by FlowPane and other 3 instances of Buttons using FlowPane to pane2
Create scene1 for pane1 with a specific size and scene2 for pane2 with a different size
Set different titles to two stages and display two stages
The output should look like the screen below
Provide appropriate Java comments



import javafx.application.Application;

import javafx.scene.Scene;

import javafx.scene.layout.FlowPane;

import javafx.stage.Stage;

import javafx.scene.control.Button;

public class FlowPaneDemo extends Application {

  public void start(Stage primaryStage) {

      // TODO Auto-generated method stub

      //Creates a FlowPane for each stage.

      FlowPane paneOne = new FlowPane();

      FlowPane paneTwo = new FlowPane();


      //Creates six Buttons, three for each Flow Pane.

      Button buttonOne = new Button("Button One");

      Button buttonTwo = new Button("Button Two");

      Button buttonThree = new Button("Button Three");

      Button buttonFour = new Button("Button Four");

      Button buttonFive = new Button("Button Five");

      Button buttonSix = new Button("Button Six");


      //Adds the Buttons to the two FlowPanes.









      //Creates two Scenes, using each of the FlowPanes.

      Scene sceneOne = new Scene(paneOne, 250, 600);

      Scene sceneTwo = new Scene(paneTwo, 320, 400);


      //Makes a second Stage.

      Stage secondaryStage = new Stage();


      //Set the title and Scenes for the two Stages.

      primaryStage.setTitle("First Stage");



      secondaryStage.setTitle("Second Stage");



      //Runs the show methods for the two Stages.;;


  public static void main(String[] args){

      //Runs the launch method to start a stand-alone JavaFX application; only needed

      //as I am running this in Eclipse.




Write a program that prompts the user to enter a Social Security number in the format ddd-dd-dddd, where d is a digit. The program displays Valid SSN for a correct Social Security number or Invalid SSN otherwise.


The program that prompts the user to enter a Social Security number in the format ddd-dd-dddd, where d is a digit can be implemented in Python using regular expressions. The regular expression pattern for the SSN format can be used to validate the input.

Pythons code:


import re

ssn_pattern = re.compile(r'^\d{3}-\d{2}-\d{4}$')

ssn = input("Enter your Social Security Number (format: ddd-dd-dddd): ")

if ssn_pattern.match(ssn):

print("Valid SSN")


print("Invalid SSN")


In the above code, we first import the `re` module to work with regular expressions.

We then define the regular expression pattern for the SSN format as `^\d{3}-\d{2}-\d{4}$`. This pattern matches any string that starts with three digits, followed by a hyphen, then two digits, another hyphen, and finally, four digits.

We then prompt the user to enter their SSN using the `input()` function. We then check if the entered SSN matches the pattern using the `match()` function of the regular expression object `ssn_pattern`.

If the SSN matches the pattern, we print "Valid SSN". Otherwise, we print "Invalid SSN".

Know more about SSN,


ssn = input("Enter a valid Social Security number: ")

dashes = 0

nums = 0

message = "Invalid SSN"

if len(ssn) == 11:

   for x in ssn:

       if x.isdigit():

           nums += 1

       elif x == "-":

           dashes += 1

if nums == 9 and dashes == 2:

   message = "Valid SSN"


I wrote my code in python 3.8. I hope this helps!

python Write a function that computes a future investment value at a given interest rate for a specified number of years. The future investment is determined using the formula in Programming Exercise 2.19 in Chapter 2 Programming Exercise from the Book.



def future_investment_value(investment, monthly_interest_rate, years):

  print("Years\tFuture Value")

  print("- - - - - - - - - - -")

  for i in range(1, years+1):

      future_value = investment * ((1 + monthly_interest_rate) ** (12 * i))

      print(i, "\t\t", format(future_value, ".2f"))

investment = float(input("Enter the invesment amount: "))

interest = float(input("Enter the annual interest rate: "))

year = int(input("Enter the year: "))

future_investment_value(investment, interest/1200, year)


Inside the function:

- In the for loop that iterates through the years, calculate the future value using the formula and print the results


- Ask the user for the investment, annual interest rate, and year

- Call the function with the given inputs

In a clustered column chart, the names of each column are part of the ____ series. select one:a. category
b. data
c. label
d. legend


Hello RandomHacker

Answers: In a clustered column chart, the names of each column are part of the data series. 

Hope That helps

Where in the computer is a variable such as "X" stored?



The value of "x" is stored at "main memory".


Simply Central processing unit, input device and output device can not store the data.

What is the main purpose of the status report? O A. To ensure that management and the team has a clear picture of the state of the project. B. To alert management to exceptional or unusual situations, C. To document the impact of change requests from the client. D. To detail the mistakes made in planning and budgeting,​



A. To ensure that management and the team has a clear picture of the state of the project


hope this helps!