Which of the following statements is true of emotions in the workplace?(A) They are physiological action rather than behavioral action.
(B) Emotions lasts for a longer periods than moods.
(C) Emotions are directed toward someone or somethings
(D) They are also referred as a moods of individuals.
(E) Emotions and moods are directed toward specific attitudes of others.


Answer 1


A) Emotions are directed toward someone or something.                              


Emotions: In psychology, the term emotion is referred to as a complex state of an individual's feelings that leads to psychological and physical changes that influence or alters his or her behaviors and thoughts.

Five common types of emotions in the workplace include dislike, anger, feeling down, worry or insecurity, and frustration.

Human emotions related to the workplace can lead to creating pragmatic benefits, for example, a happier workplace and better collaboration in-between employees. It causes a particular organization to communicate with the outside world or within itself.

Answer 2

Final answer:

Emotions are often directed towards specific people or events in the workplace. They are intense, short-lived responses to perceived events, and unlike moods, they usually motivate behavioral responses.


The statement that is true of emotions in the workplace is: (C) Emotions are directed toward someone or something. Emotions can be defined as intense, discrete, and brief responses to a particular event that is important to the individual. Unlike moods, which are less intense and often not directed or attached to anything specific, emotions usually arise in direct response to a perceived event, are short-lived (lasting minutes to hours), and usually motivate behavioral responses.

Emotions in the workplace can play a critical role in how team members interact with each other and contribute to the work environment. For example, positive emotions such as happiness or satisfaction can lead to increased productivity and improved interpersonal relationships at work. Conversely, negative emotions, like anger or frustration, can potentially lead to conflict and decreased work performance.

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Schema are described as the  pattern of thought or conduct that organizes classes of facts and the relationships among them. it may additionally be described as a intellectual structure of preconceived thoughts, a framework representing a few component of the world, or a system of organizing and perceiving new statistics. Schemata influence interest and the absorption of recent expertise.