1. An equation is shown below.3 (x-2) + 7x= 1/2(6x-2)
How many solutions, if any, does the equation have?


Answer 1



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Identify the terminal point for a 60° angle in a unit circle.A. 22 B. (1,1) c. (7) D. (5.)
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Can you have say from us the aks place
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Consider the quadratic function y = 0.3 (x-4)2 - 2.5
Determine the axis of symmetry, x =




Step-by-step explanation:

We have the quadratic function:

\displaystyle y=0.3(x-4)^2-2.5

And we want to determine its axis of symmetry.

Notice that this is in vertex form:


Where (h, k) is the vertex of the parabola.

From our function, we can see that h = 4 and k = -2.5. Hence, our vertex is the point (4, -2.5).

The axis of symmetry is equivalent to the x-coordinate of the vertex.

The x-coordinate of the vertex is 4.

Therefore, the axis of symmetry is x = 4.

Question 3 of 5A basketball has a radius of 4.5 inches. If the
ball is filled with 350 cubic inches of air, how
much more air is needed to fill it completely?
Round to the nearest whole number.



32 cubic inches of air are needed to fill it completely.

Step-by-step explanation:

A basketball has the format of a sphere.

The volume of a sphere with radius r is given by the following equation:

V = (4\pi r^(3))/(3)

In this question:

Radius of 4.5 inches. So the volume, in cubic inches, is:

V = (4\pi*(4.5)^(3))/(3) = 382

The volume of the ball is 382 cubic inches.

350 cubic inches have already been filled.

So 382-350 = 32 cubic inches of air are needed to fill it completely.

Select the correct answer. Simplify the following expression. x-2/3 times x 6/7


Answer: Correct Answer is X 4/21

Step-by-step explanation: I got it right



Step-by-step explanation:

Use a triple integral to find the volume of the solid enclosed by the paraboloid x=6y2 6z2 and the plane x=6.


I assume you mean the paraboloid x=6y^2+6z^2. Denote the space between this surface and the plane x=6 by the symbol D.

The volume is then

\displaystyle\iiint_D\mathrm dV=\int_(-1)^1\int_(-1)^1\int_(6y^2+6z^2)^6\mathrm dx\,\mathrm dy\,\mathrm dz=8

Dind the elapsed time the hours and minuts​



pretty sure the answer is 5 hours and 30 minutes

WILL MARK BRAINLIEST PLEASE HELP!!!A right circular cone is intersected by a plane that passes through the cone's vertex and is parallel to its base, as in the picture below. What is produced from this intersection?

A. A Pair of intersecting lines
B. A Parabola
C. A Point
D. A Pair of parallel lines


Answer:its D. A pair of parallel lines

Step-by-step explanation:

Answer: parallel lines

Step-by-step explanation: