All of the following are strengths of the Internet as a source of information except
All of the following are strengths of the Internet as - 1


Answer 1

Answer: C

Explanation: Using the process of elimination can rather easily get you the answer. The internet is constantly updating as things happen, so A is true. B is true as well because a simple googling of a question can get you the answers or facts of said question. D applies under the same vain as A. So C is the only possible answer.

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Which of the following function declarations correctly expect an array as the first argument?Question 1 options:void f1(int array, int size);void f1(int& array, int size);void f1(int array[100], int size);void f1(float array[], int size);All of the aboveC and DA and B
Answer this question without running pin again. Assume that the 100,000 element integer array that you allocated starts at address 0x50000000 in memory, the size of an integer is 4 bytes and the D-cache is initially empty. As you read the integers in the array one-by-one, starting at index 0, how many D-cache misses will you see for reading the first 40 integers when the cache block size is:
Write a python program that asks the user to enter a student's name and 8 numeric tests scores (out of 100 for each test). The name will be a local variable. The program should display a letter grade for each score, and the average test score, along with the student's name. There are 12 students in the class. Write the following functions in the program: calc_average - this function should accept 8 test scores as arguments and return the average of the scores per student determine_grade - this function should accept a test score average as an argument and return a letter grade for the score based on the following grading scale: 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D Below 60 F
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What are the different options in a page layout feature ? Select three options

A retail company assigns a $5000 store bonus if monthly sales are $100,000 or more. Additionally, if their sales exceed 125% or more of their monthly goal of $90,000, then all employees will receive a message stating that they will get a day off. When your pseudocode is complete, test the following monthly sales and ensure that the output matches the following. If your output is different, then review your decision statements.Monthly Sales Expected Output
monthlySales 102500 You earneda $5000 bonus!
monthlySales = 90000
monthlySales 112500 You earned a $5000 bonus!
All employees get one day off!



To answer this question, i prepared a pseudocode and a program written in python;

Pseudocode begins here:

1. Start

2. Input montlySales

3. If monthlySales < 100000

3.1. Display Nothing

4. Else

4.1 Display “You earned a $5000 bonus!”

4.2 If monthlySales > 1.25 * 90000

4.2.1 Display “All employees get one day off!”

5.     Stop

Python Program starts here (See attachment for proper view of the program):

#Prompt user for input

monthlySales = float(input("Monthly Sales: "))

#Check monthlySales

if monthlySales < 100000:



     print("You earned a $5,000 bonus")

     if monthlySales > 1.25 * 90000:

           print("All Employees get the day off")


To answer this question, a conditional if statement is needed.

The pseudocode (and the program) starts by prompting user for input;

Then, the user input is first compared with 100,000

If it's less than 100,000; then nothing is displayes

However, if it is at least 100,000

"You earned a $5,000 bonus" is displayed

It further checks if the user input is greater than 125% of 90,000

If yes, "All Employees get the day off" is displayed else, nothing is displayed.

The pseudocode (and the program) stops execution, afterwards

The Spanning Tree Protocol operates at the Network layer of the OSI model.True






The Spanning Tree Protocol operates at the Data link layer of the OSI model.

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a bridge and switch (Layer 2 protocol). The STP specification is IEEE 802.1D. STP's primary aim is to guarantee that when you have redundant routes in your network, you do not generate loops. Loops to a network are fatal.

How many rules are contained in the css code?


I strongly agree that B is the answer

the UDP server described needed only one socket, whereas the TCP server needed two sockets. Why? If the TCP server were to support n simultaneous connections, each from a different client host, how many sockets would the TCP server need?



The UDP server described needed only one socket, whereas the TCP server needed two sockets because:

  • With the UDP server, there is no welcoming socket, and all data from different clients enters the server through this one socket.
  • With the TCP server, there is a welcoming socket, and each time a client initiates a connection to the server, a new socket is created. Thus, to support n simultaneous connections, the server would need n+1 sockets.


UDP uses one socket and TCP requires two sockets in a transmission because UDP is a way one connectionless protocol but TCP is connection oriented.

The TCP server that supports n simultaneous connections would require n sockets, ranging from 1 through n.


A socket is a fusion of a port number and a source IP address using a colon.

UDP is a transport layer protocol that is unreliable, because it does not need to establish connection to transmit packets and does not retransmit dropped packets. TCP is another transport layer protocol that is reliable, establish connection and retransmit dropped packets.

For a UDP, only one socket would be created to transmission. A socket on the client side and server side would be created in TCP connection. A server can have multiple sockets for one or different transmission protocols.

PLEASE ANYONE!!which present margins would be best to get the most information to fit on the page​



Normal Margin is fit on the page. The default margins for Microsoft Word is normal margin.                                      


The paper visual effect give the document’s theme and quality. Margins send visual effects. Making a document right helps you to send the right message to readers. Use a small paper and adding a border.

You can change the page layout that people notice first with size, orientation, and margins.

Page margins make your document readable. Margins make the document more readable, make text look inviting, and given reviewers.

With narrower margins, you can reduce more words on-page.

To many words in a line make it difficult to read the document.

Margins are of many types

  • Normal Margin
  • Narrow margins
  • Moderate margins
  • Wide margins

Normal gives an equal inch to all sides of the page.

Narrow margins give little room to each column.

Average margins squeeze words from left and right.

Wide gives space when proofing the manuscript.


A.) narrow margins



In the 2018-2019 softball season, Allison hit the ball 28 out of 67 times, this included fouls. What was her percentageof misses?



Allison missed 58.21% of the times.


The first step is to divide 28 by 67 to get the answer in decimal form:

28 / 67 = 0.4179

Then, we multiplied the answer from the first step by one hundred to get the answer as a percentage:

0.4179 * 100 = 41.79%

Then 100(%) - 41.79(%) = 58.21%

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