How did life in europe change after the germanic invasions


Answer 1
Answer: Assuming that you're refer to the Germanic invasion during the world war 2,
The european regions became the field of battle between the influence of Communism and capitalism who tend to fight to spread their influence within european nations.
If you're referring to the germanic invasion after the kingdom of rome fall, Christianity spread throughout the lives of europeans

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I believe it's C. Zhu Yuanzhang hope it's right :)


The answer is B. Wang Yang-ming

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Which statement best explains the principle of uniformitarianism? A.
Weathering occurs in warm and cold climates.

Weathering and deposition occur at the same rate.

Man-made structures can be created from rock.

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✡ Answer: A. Weathering occurs in warm and cold climates.
This is because the principle of uniformitarianism explains just that. It is important to know this explanation. ✡


The answer is A. weathering occurs in warm and cold climates

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I think it's Ferdinand Magellan
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I just did it, trust


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