Dawson Corporation has the following information available for 2014: (in millions) Issued common stock $45 Retired common stock $65 Paid dividends $75 Net income $130 Beginning Common Stock balance $625 Beginning Retained Earnings balance $475 Based on this information, what is Dawson's Retained Earnings balance at the end of the year? a. $680 b. $530 c. $420 d. $605


Answer 1


b. $530


As provided retained earnings opening balance = $475

Add net income for the year = $130

Balance = $605

Further dividend is paid, which reduces the balance of retained earnings = $75

Balance after paying dividends = $605 - $75 = $530

All the other information provided in question relates to common stock and has no relevance on retained earnings balance.

Therefore, balance of retained earnings at the end of period = $530

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Whyte Clinic purchases land for $280,000 cash. The clinic assumes $3,000 in property taxes due on the land. The title and attorney fees totaled $2,000. The clinic had the land graded for $4,400. What amount does Whyte Clinic record as the cost for the land?a. $284,400.b. $280,000.c. $289,400.d. $285,000.
Mixed Costs and Cost Formula Ben Palman owns an art gallery. He accepts paintings and sculpture on consignment and then receives 20% of the price of each piece as his fee. Space is limited, and there are costs involved, so Ben is careful about accepting artists. When he does accept one, he arranges for an opening show (usually for 3 hours on a weekend night) and sends out invitations to his customer list. At the opening, he serves wine, soft drinks, and appetizers to create a comfortable environment for prospective customers to view the new works and to chat with the artist. On average, each opening costs $600. Ben has given as many as 20 opening shows in a year. The total cost of running the gallery, including rent, furniture and fixtures, utilities, and a part-time assistant, amounts to $120,000 per year.Required:1. Assume that the cost driver is number of opening shows. Develop the cost formula for the gallery's costs for a year.2. Using the cost formula developed above, what is the total cost for Ben in a year with 12 opening shows?$Using the cost formula developed above, what is the total cost for Ben in a year with 14 opening shows?$
Rory is the CFO of McIlroy Golf Designs Inc. MGDI earned $13 million last year and maintains a 30% dividend payout ratio. The company has 2 million shares of common stock outstanding and a P/E ratio of 10. What is the price per share of MGDI's stock
Julio Company purchased a $200,000 machine that has a four-year life and no salvage value. The company uses straight-line depreciation on all asset acquisitions and is subject to a 30% tax rate. The proper cash flow to show in a discounted-cash-flow analysis as occurring at time 0 would be:(A) $15,000.(B) $50,000.(C) $140,000.(D) $35,000.(E) $200,000.
Communication is the transmission of information and meaning from one individual or group to another. The central objective of communication is to transmit meaning. The communication process is generally defined in five steps: the sender has an idea, the sender encodes the idea in a message, the message travels over a channel, the receiver decodes the message, and feedback travels to the sender. Complete the sentence with the most appropriate choice.The process of translating ideas into words that will convey meaning is referred to as _______.The ______ is the medium over which a message is transmitted.

While driving down his street one evening, Jonah notices that his neighbor has laid out an electric fan for the garbage to pick up the next morning. Jonah stops and has a look at the fan; it seems to be perfectly fine, so he takes it home with him. The fan would most likely be considereda. lost property.b. mislaid property.
c. abandoned property.
d. None of these are correct.



The answer is option B) The fan would most likely be considered mislaid property.


Mislaid property fall among the categories of the common law of property which deals with personal property or chattel which has left the possession of its rightful owner without having directly entered the possession of another person.

Mislaid property refers to a property that has been left intentionally in a certain place and later forgotten. When a property is left in a certain place by the owner with an intention to take it later and if the owner finds it difficult to locate the property later.

Jonah's neighbor's fan falls into the category of mislaid property because, It seems to be perfectly fine and was intentionally laid out by his neighbor.

If we accept "consumer satisfaction" as the objective of our macro-marketing system, this means that: consumer educators should choose what products should be produced. "home economists" will be the best judges of what should be produced. each consumer should decide how best to satisfy his or her own wants. not every consumer should be allowed to decide his or her own wants. government planners should choose the kinds of products to be produced.


If consumer satisfaction is to be assumed as the objective of macro marketing system , in such a case each consumer should decide how to best satisfy his or her own wants.

Consumer wants are ever-upgrading and unlimited

Customer satisfaction is a niche concept of deriving satisfaction from consumption of certain goods and services .

Such goods and services can be subjective and may change due to external factors acting upon the situation.

Satisfaction is directly related to utility a person derives from its consumption .

To explain this with an example we may say that, a drunkard derives utmost satisfaction by consuming alcohol even after knowing the ill effects of the same and wont get much satisfaction in consuming orange juice.

Summing up above points we can say that if consumer satisfaction is to be taken as the objective for marketing purposes the correct option is C Each consumer should get to decide how best to satisfy his or her wants .

To know more about customer satisfaction , please refer to the link below


If we accept "consumer satisfaction" as the objective of our MACRO-marketing system, this means that each consumer should decide how best to satisfy his or her own wants. In marketing, there are 4 Ps which are product, price, plan and promotion. Regarding MACRO-marketing, this is the study on how marketing (the 4 Ps) impacts our economy and society. Since each consumer can decide what is best for them, experts then see what each consumer desires and tries to make items appeal to them. 

A firm has cash of 200,000, accounts receivable of 75,000, prepaid expenses of 12,500, accounts payable of $50,000, other current liabilities of 35,000, common stock of 375,000 and long term liabilities of 65,000. The firm also produced a profit of 20,000 during the last calendar year. What is the firm working capital?





Working capital is the difference between current assets and current liabilities. Therefore, the formula for calculating working capital is as below.

Working capital = current assets- current liabilities

in this case

current assets =

cash     $200,000

account receivable      $75,000

prepaid expenses of       $12,500,

Total current assets   =      $287,500

current liabilities

accounts payable of   $50,000

other current liabilities of  $35,000

Total current liabilities = $85,000

working capital = $287,500 - $85,000


Ford Motor Company has a 1.40 beta. If the overall stock market increases by 8 percent, how much will Ford change?





Your formula would be I = Overall market increased * Beta

"I" being Fords increase

so just plug in and solve

So your volatility would be 11.2

Disney and other global firms have successfully bridged the cultural gap by producing advertising that appeals to the same target market across Multiple Choice a. regions.
b. countries.
c. demographics.
d. counties.
e. countercultures.



a, b

regions and countries.


Often termed global marketing strategy, involves bridging the cultural gap by producing advertising that appeals to countries from several different regions in the world.

Disney is a good example of a company that uses a global marketing strategy, another example is Coca-cola because of irrespective of the regions they produce products that appeal to their consumers.

Which financial statement matches asset increases from operating a business with asset decreases from operating the business?Statement of changes in equity.Balance sheet.Statement of cash flows.Income statement.



Income statement


Statement of change in equity: It records beginning balance of equity, ending balance of equity, net income or loss, dividend paid if any.

Balance sheet: It records the assets and the liabilities side of the balance sheet which equals to

Total assets = Total liabilities + Stockholder equity

Statement of cash flows: It records three types of activities:

1. Operating activities: It includes those transactions which affect the working capital, and it records transactions of cash receipts and cash payments.

2. Investing activities: It records those activities which include purchase and sale of the fixed assets

3. Financing activities: It records those activities which affect the long term liability and shareholder equity balance.  

Income statement: It records all income and expenses of a particular period.

In the given question, the increase in assets records under the revenue part whereas if the asset decreases, it records under expenses part of the income statement.