Equipment with a book value of $65,300 and an original cost of $133,000 was sold at a loss of $14,000. Paid $89,000 cash for a new truck. Sold land costing $154,000 for $198,000 cash, yielding a gain of $44,000. Long-term investments in stock were sold for $60,800 cash, yielding a gain of $4,150. Use the above information to determine this company’s cash flows from investing activities. (Amounts to be deducted should be indicated with a minus sign.)


Answer 1


The company’s cash flows from investing activities is $221,100


Cash flow from investing activities:

It records that transactions which is related to the purchase and sale of long term assets. The purchase of fixed assets has outflow of cash so, it is deducted whereas the sale of fixed assets has inflow of cash so, it is added.

The cash flow from investing activities is shown below:

Add : Sale of equipment (Book value - loss) = ($65,300 - $14,000) = $51,300

Less : Purchase of new truck = - $89,000

Add: Sale of land = $198,000

Add: Sale of long term investment = $60,800

So, the cash flow from operating activities :

= $51,300 - $89,000 + $198,000 + $60,800

= $221,100

The other cost is not related to the investing activities. Therefore, it is not considered in the computation part.

Hence, the company’s cash flows from investing activities is $221,100

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Common Stock is 2.5 million shares with a current price of $42 per share; the beta of the stock is 1.34; the standard deviation of the stock is 10.5%. Market: The US Treasury bill is yielding 2.8% and the expected return on the market is 11.2% and the expected return on the market is 11.2%. The corporate tax rate is 38%. What is the firm's cost of equity



the firm's cost of equity is 17.808%


A firm's cost of equity is the return expected by holders of Common Stock.

The Data available allows us to use the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to determine the cost of Equity.

Cost of Equity = Risk Free Rate + Company`s Beta × Expected Return on Market Portfolio

                       = 2.8%+1.34×11.2%

                       = 17.808%


Cost of equity = 14.1%


The capital asset pricing model is a risk-based model. Here, the return on equity is dependent on the level of reaction of the the equity to changes in the return on a market portfolio. These changes are captured as systematic risk. The magnitude by which a stock is affected by systematic risk is measured by beta.

Under CAPM, Ke= Rf + β(Rm-Rf)

Rf-risk-free rate (treasury bill rate), β= Beta, Rm= Return on market.

Rf- 2.8% , Rm- 11.2%, β-1.34

Using this model,

Ke= 2.8% + 1.34×(11.2%-2.8%)

= 14.1%

Autoliv in Ogden, Utah creates airbags. The deployment time of an airbag should be between 21 and 27 milliseconds and their current average is 22 milliseconds with a standard deviation of 0.25 milliseconds. Determine the process capability index if they were to center the mean.





The calculation of the process capability index is given below

Data provided in the question according to the question is as follows

USL = 27

LSL = 21

Now we take the average

X = (21 +27) ÷ 2

= 24

The standard deviation is 0.25

= min(USL - mean ÷ 3 × standard deviation , mean - LSL ÷ 3 × standard deviation)

After solving this the process capability index is 4

"Using your favorite search engine, the resources of your library, and information available on the Uber Web site, identify and evaluate the protections provided to riders who use the service. Summarize your findings in a report of about 200 words."



  • All drivers background are checked before they take the first drive considering the safety aspect of Riders.
  • Minimize the time that the rider waits with phone. Instead wait for the driver to reach your place which would be notified by tracking his path through map
  • Emergency button that exists, will alert the securities about the threat that the rider got.
  • The insurance that is covered and can be used during accidents
  • Be a back-seat rider so that you exit from the ride on an emergency
  • Wear your seat belt always to stay safe
  • Share the trip details with your family members so that they can track the path on an emergency.

According to the media report how have the commited collusion​



You must post the whole paragraph?????

True or False: In most cases, the only way publishers of media websites generate revenue is by charging advertisers to display ads on their sites.


Based on internet and website analysis, it is false that the only way publishers of media websites generate revenue is by charging advertisers to display ads on their sites.

How do websites generate revenue?

Websites generate revenue in many ways, which include the following:

  • Display Advertisement
  • Subscription and Membership
  • Sponsored Contents
  • Events
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing, etc.

Hence, in this case, it is concluded that the correct answer is False.

Learn more about how websites generate revenue here:

Final answer:

The statement is false. Publishers of media websites generate revenue not only through advertising but also from digital subscriptions, pay per view on premium content, and other diversified income streams.


The statement is false: the only way publishers of media websites generate revenue is not only by charging advertisers to display ads on their sites. While advertising is certainly a significant source of revenue, it is not the only one. Many publishers have diversified their income streams to include options such as digital subscriptions or pay per view for premium content.

For instance, let’s consider the decline in advertising revenues for print media, which dropped from $46 billion in 2012 to just $20.5 billion in 2020. In response to this shift, many publishers have enhanced their online presence as the number of people looking for news and entertainment online has increased. Even though advertising revenues have dipped, digital subscriptions allow news outlets to stay financially viable.

Digital paywalls where readers have to purchase online subscriptions to access specific content, are another way of generating income. Websites like, Daily Kos, and even established newspapers like The New York Times have capitalized on this strategy. The availability and ease of online publication have enabled more niche media outlets to form and compete in the digital media market.

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