Discuss the use of imagery in “She Stoops to conquer.


Answer 1

Explanation: a person with a logo

Answer 2

Explanation: a person with a logo.

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Essay about Good books​
Subjective information is not the same as _____. 1. inaccurate information 2.judgments based on feelings or personal preferences 3.statements or claims that can be verified without relying on feelings 4.statements of quality opinions 5. facts
What revision should be made to maintain parallel structure?Sentence 1 should be revised to read, “When I get to my hometown, my first stop will be my uncle’s old gas station.”Sentence 2 should be revised to read, “After that I will stop at Lancer’s Diner for some homemade cherry pie.”Sentence 3 should be revised to read, “My next stop will be old Mr. Butterworth’s for a chat with my favorite neighbor.”Sentence 4 should be revised to read, “My last stop will be the house in which I grew up to see who lives there now.”

The final section of an essay is known as the:(a)body paragraph
(c)concluding statement


The final section of an essay is known as the Concluding Statement.

What is An Essay and Concluding Statement ?

  • An essay is a piece of writing that seeks to educate the reader about a particular topic or persuade them of a particular point of view.
  • The essay must have numerus crucial elements to make it flow in a way that allows the reader to be convinced or sufficiently educated logical manner.
  • The introduction, body, and conclusion are the three basic portions of an essay. Five paragraphs, the normal length for a short essay can provide the reader with all the information they need, including the size of the area. However, more than five sources must be used for a research paper or dissertation.
  • Paragraphs are provided to prevent the reader from being overloaded with information in a single sitting.
  • The final paragraph of the five-paragraph essay is the conclusion. This paragraph should restate the thesis, but it shouldn't be repeated in its whole.
  • The conclusion should also provide a summary of the three key points you discussed in each of the body paragraphs.
  • The last phrase of the conclusion needs to serve as a clear indication that the essay is done; it can also include a practical application of your point or something the reader can reflect on after finishing the essay.

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concluding statement


this is the awnser because you are concluding your essay.

hope this helps!

When a writer uses words according to their dictionary definition, he or she isusing ____________.

when a writer uses words in an imaginative way to express meanings beyond the literal meanings, he or she is using ____________.

figurative language is sometimes referred to as _________.



1. Literal language.

2. Figurative language.

3. Figure of speech.


1. When a writer uses words according to their dictionary definition, he or she is using literal language.

2. When a writer uses words in an imaginative way to express meanings beyond the literal meanings, he or she is using figurative language.

3. Figurative language is sometimes referred to as figure of speech.

Why is it important to communicate well?​


Because it allows a person to voice their opinion about a situation and gives everyone the ability to have input

Read the lines from "A Psalm of Life." Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave. The use of the words “stout and brave” suggests that “our hearts” are physically very strong. ferocious and fearless. courageous and determined. compassionate and loving.


Courageous and determined

The lines are explaining how even though our hearts are beating, they are beating us all the way to the grave. The heart beat is compared to the rhythm of a funeral march with everyone stepping in time. The lines are showing hearts are beating courageously and with determination all the way to the person's death, which is inevitable.

Based on the question above, the best answers for this question would be:

Courageous and determined.

This explains the general idea of the “stout and brave” of our hearts. It explains that our feeling of courageousness is reflected upon the beating of our hearts.

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I am honestly not great at this but.....

1. Capt. Stevens was one of the first women to fly a jumbo jet.

2. Because Mariela and Tina enjoy dance, they go to many performances.

3. I don't remember

4. I don't remember

5. I don't remember


I'm really sorry I couldn't answer the whole question but I hope the first two  help!!! Good luck on the rest!!

How are robots begin controlled?


Robots are being controller by computers I believe or somebody actually running the computer giving the robot it’s commands that help it do it’s job.
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Read the following texts and answer the question that follows:Excerpt, Letter from Abigail Adams to her Husband, John Adams, during the time when the American colonies were drafting of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to declare their independence from England."I long to hear that you have declared an independancy and by the way in the new Code of Laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make I would desire you would Remember the Ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation."Excerpt, On the Equality of the Sexes, written in 1790by Judith Sargent MurrayI answer that every requisite in female economy is easily attained; and, with truth I can add, that when once attained, they require no further mental attention. Nay, while we are pursuing the needle, or the superintendence of the family, I repeat, that our minds are at full liberty for reflection; that imagination may exert itself in full vigor; and that if a just foundation is early laid, our ideas will then be worthy of rational beings. If we were industrious we might easily find time to arrange them upon paper, or should avocations press too hard for such an indulgence, the hours allotted for conversation would at least become more refined and rational.Should it still be vociferated, "Your domestic employments are sufficient"—I would calmly ask, is it reasonable, that a candidate for immortality, for the joys of heaven, an intelligent being, who is to spend an eternity in contemplating the works of the Deity, should at present be so degraded, as to be allowed no other ideas, than those which are suggested by the mechanism of a pudding, or the sewing the seams of a garment?Compare the texts. Which goal is stated in both texts? (5 points)A: Encourage education of womenB: Affirm women's roles in the homeC: Challenge male authorityD: Bring attention to the capabilities of women