In a token ring system, how quickly is the token passed around the circuit? 50 times per second millions of times per second hundreds of times per second thousands of times per second


Answer 1
Answer: The data transmission speeds of token ring networks were 4Mbps and 16Mbps, implying that token frames were transmitted in the millions of times per second range.

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Why was video editing created
a security system uses sensors at every door and window which will set off an alarm if any one of them is opened. there is also a keypad by an entry door to turn on or turn off the system. describe how these components can be wired in a combination circuit to provide the needed security.
What kinds of mutations were more beneficial? Why?
How does ohms law work
Podcasts are a type of social media that is experienced primarily throughA.ListeningB.readingC.watchingD.podcasts are not considered social media

The general who directed the project responsible for the "Fat Man” graduated from what alma mater in 1918?


Stafford Leak Warren (July 19, 1896 - July 26, 1981) was an American physician and ... He was responsible for the health and safety of the thousands of personnel ... The medical school had opened in 1925 and did not graduate its first class ... BrigadierGeneral Leslie R. Groves, the director of the Manhattan Project 
It was an director of an Manhattan project.

His name was "Brigadier General Leslie R."

He was the one who graduated from MIT and responsible for "The Fat Man"

I need help for preparing for a presentation. Can someone give me advice so I don't have a panic attack again?​



Slide selection

Title slide

Content wise slides

Little short animations

Conclusion slide

Thank you slide

Dont forget to use Times New Roman font as using this font makes people easier to understand the concept.

Give attractive headings

Give 2 minutes per each slide for explanation

Make this presentation very good with confidence and don't forget to include tactful facts

Dont get a panic attack Haha


okay look at it this way you talk to those people every day  the people you see and u are not afraid to talk to them the only think you have t do is to talk to them as a whole I know it kinda seems like the world is ending but it is really not you got this!


Is social media appropriate for teenagers? A question frequently asked and is becoming more and more prominent so is it???


No because they aren't mature enough to use it properly
For younger teenagers, like 13 below, is a bit to young.
For about 14-16 it is ok with moderation.
17+ (if act responsibly) yes it is ok. 

Use the drop-down menus to identify the career cluster that fits each job description.Andrew is a Video Editor who edits television commercials:

Veda is an Electrician who sets up the electrical wiring in homes and businesses:

Eloise is a Forester who maintains and manages forests:





Answer: 1. Arts

2. Architecture and construction

3. agriculture food and natural resources



Who produced the IR 600 system in 1978?a) Kawasaki Robotics
c) Unimate
d) AMF


The answer is KUKA.

KUKA started to develop robotic with the IR600 being produced in 1978. KUKA is, and remains one of the Europe’s largest robot manufactures. KUKA supplied its first robots to Daimler-Benz. It was not until 1978 that KUKA began the production of the IR600 series. It has subsequently made 3000 robots since then.

The first computers stored their results on paper cards? True or false


false they used floppy disks witch stored its memory witch is made of plastic not papper
False, because in order to see whether they would work or not, and so they could view it later on future computers, they stored them on disks and most computers have actually been originated by some of the directions ON those disks,but if they would have used paper cards, then those cards might've been burned by competitors, or ripped or even thrown AWAY, which is WHY they chose to put the data on the disks. =)
I hope I helped! =D