(ANSWER QUICK) Which of the following is an accurate statement about charitable giving (philanthropy) in the United States?
(ANSWER QUICK) Which of the following is an accurate statement - 1


Answer 1

Philanthropy has a long history in the US.

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Please match each description with the appropriate approach to federal finance. Policymakers should reduce spending and increase taxes when the economy is growing in order to prevent "overheating". _____This approach was considered conventional wisdom until the advent of the Great Depression. _____Policymakers should focus on keeping unemployment low and providing the people with the public goods and services they want. ____ If insisted upon, this approach would only worsen the economy during a recession. ____This approach ignores the impact of the budget on the business cycle. _____
Barkley’s Resort had 2,000 shares of $20 par value common stock outstanding. On June 1, Barkley’s purchased 200 shares of treasury stock at $21 per share and later reissued them for $22 per share. Which amount of profit from the reissuance will be reported?
One year ago, you purchased 200 shares of Southern Foods common stock for $7900. Today, you sold your shares for $35.40 a share. During this past year, the stock paid $1.25 in dividends per share. What is your percent return on this investment
The middle of supply chain information systems (SCIS) framework is which of the following?a. Enterprise resource planning.b. Enterprise planning and monitoring.c. Enterprise integration and administration.d. Financial operations and reporting.
Weak form efficiency is best defined as a market where current prices are based on A. totally rational decisions. B. historical prices. C. information known to any person or organization. D. all publicly available information. E. irrational decisions by amateur investor

Retail managers can use ________ to determine which inventory items require the most attention. a. EOQ modeling

b. CPS scheduling

c. Breakeven analysis

d. ABC analysis


Answer: (D) ABC analysis


 ABC analysis is one of the type of inventory method that are basically divided into the three main categories that is A,B and the C categorization.

 The main advantage of this type of analysis is that it is categorized on the quantity and the values basis and this analysis is basically keeps the cost in the business under the control. It is also known as the inventory management and the ABC analysis contributed in the overall profit in an organization.

According to the question, the retail manager basically using the ABC analysis for determining the inventory items in the system.

Therefore, Option (D) is correct.

Oahu Kiki tracks the number of units purchased and sold throughout each accounting period but applies its inventory costing method at the end of each month, as if it uses a periodic inventory system. Assume Oahu Kiki’s records show the following for the month of January. Sales totaled 310 units.Date Units Unit Cost Total Cost
Beginning Inventory January 1 220 80 $17,600
Purchase January 15 310 90 27,900
purchase January 24 270 110 29,700

Calculate the number and cost of goods available for sale.



Number = 1,490

Cost of goods available for sale = $75,200


Computing the number as:

Number = (Beginning inventory + Purchases + Purchases) - Sales

Number = (1,220 + 310 + 270) - 310

Number = 1,800 - 310

Number = 1,490

Computing the cost of goods available for sale as:

Cost of goods available for sale = Total cost of beginning inventory + Total Cost of purchase + Total Cost of purchase

Cost of goods available for sale = $17,600 + $27,900 + $29,700

Cost of goods available for sale = $75,200

Refer to exhibit 5-5. If the airline charges a price that is between P1 and P2 for both aisle seats and middle seats, the result will beA. a surplus of middle seats and a shortage of aisle seats

B. a surplus of aisle seats and a shortage of middle seats

C. a shortage of middle seats and the equilibrium quantity of aisle seats

D. a shortage of aisle seats and the equilibrium quantity of middle seats



The correct answer is option (D) A shortage of aisle seats and the     equilibrium quantity of middle seats


An aisle seat in a plane is one which is situated at the end of a row and is always adjacent to the aisle. It it mostly preferable to other seats in the plane.

The middle seat is situated at the middle position.

From the question, if the price for the aisle and middle seat are between P1 and P2, passengers will demand for the aisle seat first which will lead to a shortage in aisle seat. Only then will the middle seat be demanded for until it reaches equilibrium with the aisle set.

The relevant production range for Challenger Trailers, Inc. is between 120,000 units and 190,000 units per month. If the company produces beyond 190,000 units per month:__________. A. the fixed costs and the variable cost per unit will not change B. the fixed costs may change, but the variable cost per unit will remain the same C. the fixed costs will remain the same, but the variable cost per unit may change D. both the fixed costs and the variable cost per unit may change


Answer:  D. both the fixed costs and the variable cost per unit may change


It is said that Fixed costs do not change regardless of production level but this is not entirely true. Fixed costs usually do not change for a production range but if the range is passed, the fixed costs might then increase and a new fixed cost for the new relevant range will be charged.

Variable costs are variable because they change with production so if the company is producing more units, they will be incurring more variable costs.

In conclusion therefore, if the company produces more units than its relevant production range, it risks both fixed and variable costs changing.

Identify an advertisement or commercial that targets only one of the generational groups. Describe the promotion in detail and identify the intended group.


Answer: Commercial washing soaps

Explanation: The target of these commercials can be aimed at housewives, commercials tend to highlight the characteristics of how the clothes will look after the use of the product, such as effectiveness, freshness, softness and smell.

Housewives or people in charge of doing laundry at home, in turn, look for an effective product that can alleviate the time it takes to perform this household work.

LO 4.2Which document lists the total direct labor used in a specific job?job cost sheet
purchase order
employee time ticket
receiving document



job cost sheet  


The job cost sheet refers to the statement used to report production costs and is developed by businesses using a work-order charging system to measure and assign costs of goods and services.

is the responsibility of the accounts department to chart all production costs (primary supplies, direct labor and overhead production) on the work cost sheet. For each worker, a separate job expense sheet is arranged.

Job cost sheet not gets utilized for paying work expenses only, it's also component of the reporting records of the business. It is also used in the system account as something of a subordinate ledger to the project as it includes all the information about the work being done.