Which is not an accurate statement regarding Europe's climate?1. Cases of severe weather are more common in Europe compared to the United States.

2. Lots of rain occurs over the northwestern regions of Europe due to the North Atlantic Drift.

3. The westerly winds provide for less severe weather compared to the United States.

4. Arctic blizzards are not common in the northwestern regions of Europe.


Answer 1


1. Cases of severe weather are more common in Europe compared to the United States.


  • The Europe's climate varies firm the subtropical to the polar and the Mediterranean is pf the warm and dry type. And much of the land is scrub with some hardwood forest and the climate is mild and humid that is moderated by the prevailing westerly winds and the Gulf Stream. Such as the mare climate of the west and the subarctic conditions of the Norway.
Answer 2

2. Lots of rain occurs over the north western regions of Europe due to the North Atlantic Drift.

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The earth is made of different layers these are core, mantle and crust.

  • The crust is coolest part and forms the lithosphere.
  • The lithosphere is sold rock and if mantle would be of the same matter then the plates would have never drifted or spread apart.

Hence the conclusion is tectonic plates would never move or earth would be different.

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No, the reason the tectonic plates move and shift is because they are on a liquid that is able to be moved on.

You're riding in a hot air balloon just south of the equator. Since the ballon is moving west, you know that the _____ are blowing thr balloonA) trade winds
B) westerlies
C) doldrums
D) polar easterlies


The correct answer is A) Trade winds.
Since the air balloon is just south of the Equator and it moves towards west, that means the trade winds are moving it in that direction. The trade winds are winds that are active around the Equator and there direction of movement is east-west, thus they are wind that blows to the west.

How changing weather patterns affect food production, the spread of disease or damage to homes, transportation, or the electric grid


Answer:Reduced Crop production and yield due to erosion and bush fires.

Spread of Diseases through the spread of Bacteria and other pathogens.

Damage to Homes High sea level causing flooding.

transportation increased accidents due to reducing visibility.

Electric grid Damage caused by strong winds breaking down electric installations.

Explanation: Recently the sea levels have increased causing the water to flow into farmlands destroying Crops,high rate of wild fires destroying millions of Dollars worth of food crops.

Bacteria and other disease pathogens spread and become very active during warm temperatures, generally temperatures are getting warm due to the impact of Green house emissions.

Several millions of Dollars worth of Homes have been destroyed by high levels of flooding and wide fires.

The level of visibility is dropping by the day as can be seen in major cities around the world, leading to high rates of accidents.

Damage to Electric grids by Flooding,Strong winds, wild Bush fire etc.

What is a coral reef ecosystem?; What role do corals play in marine ecosystems?


Coral polyp colonies, often known as coral reefs, number in the hundreds to thousands. These sessile (fixed in one spot permanently) marine invertebrate creatures have strong calcium carbonate exoskeletons.

What role do corals play in marine ecosystems?

Coral reefs offer chances for recreation, serve as a barrier against erosion and storm damage, and support local economies. They are also a source of fresh medications and food. More than 500 million people rely on reefs for safety, income, and food.

What is the coral reef ecosystem made of?

Thin calcium carbonate layers make up a coral reef.

Over a skeleton made of calcium carbonate, coral polyps create a living carpet. The corals most in charge of creating the groundwork for and erecting reef structures are known as stony corals (or scleractinians).

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A landowner who claims title to land deposited slowly by the action of a running stream would base such a claim upon:



claim upon accretion


For moment to moment, when a rights of way scheme has been examined, it is found that the actual position of the current natural border of a land being invaded is not in accordance with the position of that border displayed in the map around which the designation is centred.

Where the variance in the position of the natural growing boundaries is due to either accumulation or an wrongly defined environmental boundaries on the map around which the title is centred, a land surveyor may proceed with an application under section 118 of the Land Title Law.

Which of the following climate zones does giant pandas liveA. the tundra
B. the highlands
C. the coniferous forest
D. the deciduous forest




Try C) Coniferous forest


Hope this helps!c (^-^)