Complete the following sentence.A _____ is one or more syllables placed at the end of a base, or root, word.


reading strategy


memory aid


Answer 1

the answer is suffix

Answer 2
Answer: suffix ( cook-ing)( ing,ed,etc.)

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Complete the sentence with the best verb.Our strawberry and blueberry shake _____ like it could have been made in a restaurant.tastes or taste?
Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed . But when a long train of abuses and usurpations , pursuing invariably the same object evinces reveals ) a design to reduce them under absolute despotism , it is their right, it is their duty , to throw off such government , and to provide new guards for their future security. How does the following statement in the Declaration of Independence support the conclusion that America must form its own government ?A. It creates a list of evils committed by the British under the rule of King George B. It argues that Americans are naturally democratic ; their spirit cannot tolerate tyranny c. It appeals to a widely accepted and well - known moral code D. suggests that Americans are obligated to break from the tyranny of the king
The cause of the Trojan War was _______________________.Group of answer choices
How a writer constructs words, sentences, and paragraphs is considered the _____. form, theme, figurative language, plot.

Which is NOT an act of kindness performed by Boo Radley? A. Putting a blanket over a cold child B. Leaving hidden gifts for his neighbors C. Carrying Jem to his father D. Stacking Miss Maudie's firewood





He put a blanket on Scout when Miss Maudie's house burned.

He left Jem and Scout presents on the oak tree

The night that Jem and Scout got attacked and Jem was wounded so Boo Radley carried him to his father.

3. How does the author use internal dialogue to characterizeYevgeny? Cite evidence from the text in your answer.



The Author 'Chekhov' uses internal dialogue to characterize Yevgeny in the story "Home" an evidence in the opening paragraph which goes by "Yevgeny is a prosecutor of the circuit court, someone who carries out legal proceedings against a person accused of a crime. it makes sense to think about how much of Yevgeny's legal background will affect the way he handles this problem with his son."


Through this internal monologue, readers can better understand the different aspect of Yevgeny's character and get a glimpse into his thoughts. This opening paragraph starts the action towards the conflict between Yevgeny and his son Seryozha. The Author wrote the story in third person point of view, and the story is told through the thought of Yevgeny.

Yevgeny is a methological and logical man who thinks in terms of number; a typical man of the court. Theefore he had disagreements with his son for smoking.

Final answer:

An author characterizes a figure through internal dialogue by revealing their thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations. This can indicate their motivations, personality traits, or responses to situations. The dialogue can show Yevgeny as thoughtful and moral or superficial and self-centered, based on the context.


In order to answer this question, the specific text referencing Yevgeny would be needed. However, generally speaking, an author may use internal dialogue to characterize a person in literature. Internal dialogue refers to the thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations that a character has with himself. This tool lets us peek into a character's mind and understand their motivation, personality traits, and response to situations.

For instance, if Yevgeny is often shown debating ethical issues in his internal dialogue, he might be characterized as a deeply moral and thoughtful individual. Conversely, if his thoughts mostly revolve around trivial pursuits or selfish needs, it shows a more superficial or self-centered personality.

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"Everybody knows him. Dickon's wanderin' about everywhere. Th' very blackberries an' heatherbells knows him. I warrant th' foxes shows him where their cubs lies an' th' skylarks doesn't hide their nests from him." Which identifies and explains the type of language used in this passage? The language is figurative; the foxes do not actually lead Dickon to their nests. The language is figurative; foxes do not hide or protect their cubs. The language is figurative; skylarks do not have nests. The language is literal; foxes do not have cubs.


The correct answer here would be the first option.

The foxes definitively are not leading Dixon anywhere, it is just  a figure of speech, a figurative language that is used here. Figurative speech uses something like a metaphor to explain or show something by using something that resembles the thing being shown or explained. Here the it is shown that he is so well known that even a thing that even the foxes know him and trust him. 

Why is skimming through a book is bad for you


I say skimming through a book is bad for you because 1. You could missed little details or important details. 2.that can also effect your eyes if your reading to quickly.

"Remarks to the Senate in Support of a Declaration of Conscience:" What is most likely the speaker’s reason for including the fifth paragraph in her speech?



a)  The speaker praises the Senate for being such a fine deliberative body.

b)  The speaker is too critical of the Senators.

c)  The speaker thinks the Senators should be exempt from punishment.  

d)  The speaker appeals to a sense of honor before criticizing the Senators for destroying people’s reputation.


d) The speaker appeals to a sense of honor before criticizing the Senators for destroying people's reputation.


Indeed, we can make this conclusion because we note the sense of honor expressed in her words,

"I speak as a Republican. I speak as a woman. I speak as a United States Senator. I speak as an American.

The United States Senate has long enjoyed worldwide respect as the greatest deliberative body in the world."

Then she started making criticisms of the Senators for destroying people's reputation,

"But recently that deliberative character has too often been debased to the level of a forum of hate and character assassination sheltered by the shield of congressional immunity..."

In two to three sentences describe how antitrust laws encourage competition


The antitrust laws encourage increase competition by limiting the power of any specific firm in the market.

What is an antitrust law?

Antitrust laws are constructed by the government for fair business and trade practice.

The application of Antitrust laws is in business activities, including market allocation, bid rigging, price fixing, and monopolies.

Thus, the antitrust laws encourage increase competition by limiting the power of any specific firm in the market.

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Anti-trust laws prevent monopolies from being formed, which encourages businesses to offer quality services at lower rates in order to compete with one another. Anti-trust laws help to protect consumers. Consumers are often offered lower rates when a business has competition in the area.

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