A ________ person has the highest energy expenditure at rest. moderately physically active moderately sedentary very physically active, muscular very sedentary, overweight


Answer 1


very physically active, muscular


Just look at the irony: A very physically active person doesn't have to exercise to lose weight. The almost paradoxical conclusion - but which actually explains a lot - is from a group of American scientists. They found that even at rest, people who do a lot of physical activity spend a lot more energy when they are resting, than a sedentary person.

According to scientists, everyone produced about the same amount of ATP. However, those who are physically active had much more metabolic activity in the muscles to burn off energy, even when at rest, so they spend more energy on muscle rest.

Answer 2
Answer: Very physically active, muscular 
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A calorie is a measure of heat energy.

B) False


True one calorie is the amount of energy required to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius

Maturity is something that you work to develop within. True or False


Your answer will be true. 
Maturity is determined usually when a person is responsible, and also their attitude plays in big role.
Maturity=full development/perfected condition

Its true! You grow through out life and mature

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Karl and Adene are staring at an uprooted to that let in stom. Kail can't imagine wy fell until he sees a major gust of wind come through then he understand Arlene is thinking about why she is sad that the tree full and how that thought wrote in her mind in this sample. Alone is xhibiting thought, while als Showing thought abnormal. Idealistic deductive inductive tact concrete concrete abstract


Deductive and inductive provide the answer. Arlene is pondering why the tree is so full and how that deductive concept formed in her head while reading this example. Alone is displaying inductive thought while simultaneously displaying thought.

It is logical to move from broad concepts to particular conclusions when using deductive reasoning. It is sometimes contrasted with inductive reasoning when general conclusions are drawn after making specific observations. Deductive reasoning is sometimes referred to as top-down reasoning or deductive logic. To arrive at a certain conclusion, inductive reasoning combines several premises that are all generally accepted as true or proven to be true. Applications of inductive reasoning that include prediction, forecasting, or behaviour are common.

Therefore, we can argue that deductive and inductive lead to the solution. While reading this example, Arlene is wondering why the tree is so full and how the deductive idea came to her. Alone is demonstrating inductive thought and thought at the same time.

Learn more about deductive and inductive thought here:



Complete Question:

Karl and Adene are staring at an uprooted to that let in some. Kail can't imagine why fell until he sees a major gust of wind come through then he understands Arlene is thinking about why she is sad that the tree full and how that______ thought wrote in her mind in this sample. Alone is exhibiting thought, while also Showing______ thought

a. Abnormal, Idealistic

b. Deductive, inductive

c. Abstract, concrete

d. Concrete, abstract

Create a list of injuries that would adversely affect activities for daily living (ADLs) Are there significant safety concerns for decreased mobility? Are there significant lifestyle changes required?


A person with decreased mobility is more prone to have complications such as pressure sore formation, muscle hypotrophy, loss of muscle tone and poor circulation. The primary goal for a person with decreased mobility is the prevention of falls or additional injuries from occurring. 

Lifestyle changes include safety precautions, providing assistance from other people if needed as well as the use of mobility equipment. 

1. Bone Fractures

2. Amputations 

3. Pain from injuries

4. Spinal or Brain Trauma leading to Paralysis

5. Sprains

List of injuries with adversely affect activities

Following is a list of injuries that would adversely affect activities for daily living (ADLs).

Important protection matters for limited versatility and the important lifestyle modifications claims some of the following

Neck Staying conscious of the surroundings with rolling you’re shoulder immediately of every crisis. Lifestyle modification drives implying the ability to shift head.

Back spinal cord If people decide to reach they will slip producing more injury. Strength may be needed during the 24-hour care.

Legs If the risk to run in a fire an individual might injure his or her legs.  Hence if there is a need of running over fire there should be precautions to be taken.